Charles Patterson: (? - 1788)
     Patterson began trading in the west about 1770 and in 1772 he is found at Michilimackinac going to his wintering ground. In the fall of 1774 & 1775 he is at the Cumberland House with Frobisher, William Holmes, Peter Pond, Alexander Henry & Samuel Hearne and wintering (1775/76) on the Assiniboine with Henry & Holmes. In 1780 he is found returning to Michilimackinac with his furs from the season as a partner of James McGill. By 1783 he seems to have severed his ties to the North West Company & James McGill, taking up the trade in the Upper Mississippi region by establishing a post on the Upper Minnesota River. In 1785 Patterson organizes The Sioux Outfit (he is financed by the Patterson & Mason Co.) for the Mackinac Company and builds a stockade on the Minnesota River to trade with the Sisseton & Wahpeton [Murdoch Cameron & Joseph Renville had brigades above Patterson, trading with the Teton & Yankton; Alexander Laframboise & Jean Bte.Perrault were in charge of another brigade on the Chippewa River; James Aird & Joseph Larocque had charge of a brigade trading with Wabasha's Band some where north of the Minnesota River]. From 1786 to 1788 he is involved with the "General Company of  Lake Superior and the South" (also known as the General Society) with partners including James Aird, Etienne-Charles Campion, Charles Chaboillez & John Sayer. In July of 1787 Charles is at a council at Mackinac with the British Indian Department Commissary, John Dease, where western tribes mutually agree to maintain peace & acknowledge the King of England as their Father. Later that fall he signed a petition (sent to British Commander Thomas Scott), accusing Ainse of selling Indian Dept. goods for profit while he was on a peace mission on the Upper Mississippi region. In 1788 Patterson is granted a license to trade at Mackinac (with Allen Paterson), financed by Joseph Frobisher & Isaac Todd  (Frobisher received three shares in the growing North West Company that year).  On the 10th of September in 1788, Charles drowned off Patterson Pointe in Lake Michigan.