Isaac Todd: (abt.1742 - 1819)
     By 1765 Isaac had established himself as a merchant in Montreal, furnishing good to trading ventures. In 1769 he was in partnership with James McGill, Benjamin & Joseph Frobisher and their voyageurs were rob at Rainy Lake. By 1770 the partnership was successful in sending their canoe into the Northwest Country. In 1772 he was associated with Richard McNeal, George McBeath, Thomas Walker, Thomas Corry, John Askin & Maurice Blondeau in the Great Lakes area. Todd, James McGill & Peter Pond were at Michilimackinac in 1773 and the next year acting as agent for Phyn, Ellice & Co. of N.Y. At the start of the American Revolution Isaac was a lieutenant in the British militia and continued to send canoes trading into the northwest and the next year established the trading firm of Todd & McGill. The firm grew and by 1779 when the North West Co. formed they became partners in the new company with 2 of the 16 shares available. Todd & McGill not only sent merchandise west from Montreal but also bought merchandise in England which they shipped to Montreal, Todd himself crossing the Alantic at least four times between 1778 and 1785. He continued to be active in the fur trade through the 1790's and in 1797 dissolved his long time partnership with James McGill. After 1797 his involvement in the trade & politics deminished but continued to a lessor extent until his death.