Augustin LaRocque (Rock/Roc/Rocque) I: (1770's-aft.1846)
     He was married to Agatha (b.abt.1784, Dubuque, Iowa- her father was of the Fox tribe & mother a Dakota) and also married Helen (Wakan Winona). Their children were: Augustin II (abt.1807-abt.1860)(m.a Menominee woman), Joseph I (b.1807/10)(m.Madeline Robinson), Catherine (b.abt.1809)( Francois Lapointe & Mitchell Lariviere), Francois (b.1810), Louis (b.abt.1813)(m.Nancy Campbell) & Angelique.

Augustin LaRocque (Rock/Roc/Rocque) II: (abt.1807-abt.1860)
     He married a Menominee woman and their children were: Therese (b.1820)(m.Oliver Monnette), Pauline (b.1823/31) & Jean Bt. (b.1828).

Joseph LaRocque (Rock/Roc/Rocque) I: (b.1807/10-?)
     He married Madeliene Robinson (daughter of a trader & a Dakota/Fox woman) and their children were: Joseph II (b.abt.1840), Baptiste (b.abt.1841), Domitille (b.abt.1842), Matilda (b.abt.1844), Josephine (b.abt.1847), Louis-Joseph (b.abt.1848) & Leander (b.abt.1853).

Catherine LaRocque (Rock/Roc/Rocque): (b.abt.1809-?)

Francois LaRocque (Rock/Roc/Rocque): (b.1810-?)

Louis LaRocque (Rock/Roc/Rocque): (b.abt.1813-?)
     He married Nancy Campbell (b.1816/20)(daughter of Duncan Campbell & Therese)(she was the widow of Alfred Hudson)

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