JOSEPH-LOUIS AINSE (also Hains or Hins): (1744-?)
     Joseph was born in may of 1744 at Michilimackinac to Joseph Hins & Marie-Coussante Chevalier (daughter of Jean Bte.Chevalier & Marie-Frances Alavoine & also was married to Francois-Louis Cardin). Joseph-Louis  married  Marie-Della-Therese Bondy at St.Ignace, Michilimackina, Mich. in 1795. Joseph-Louis had at least five children: Joseph (bapt.1782 & lived at Varennes), Therese (bapt.1784), Margaret (who married John Campbell) & Ance (who was a mix-blood son, became chief at the Straits of Mackinac) & Pelagie.
     In June of 1763 he was at Michilimackinac when the western tribes attacked the British fort and was dispatched to Detroit with the news of the attack. In the fall of 1768 he was in Montreal at the court martial of Mj. Rogers (of Rogers Rangers fame), who was being tried for treason. Joseph who had been an interpreter for Rogers, was testifying against Rogers. During the 1770's he took out a trade license, trading out of Michilimackinac for Pierre Fortier & Jean Orillet. By 1786 he was employed by the Indian Dept. at Michilimackinac and in August sent by Sir John Johnson & Capt. Byrne to the Upper Mississippi with presents to distribute to the Dakota & Ojibwe, inviting them to council on a peace treaty. On 24 june 1788 an Inquiry was held to answer accusations leveled at Joseph about his dealings with traders on the Upper Mississippi. A list of people questioned at the Inquiry include: Joseph Roque, James Aird, Joseph Rainville, Timothe Plumodon, Jacques Freniere, Hypolite Caselest, Michel Cadot & Gabriel Attina.