Charles Chaboillez (Chaboille/Chaboillier) I: (1654-1708)
     Charles was the son of Jean & Marie Lehoux and married Angelique Dandonneau (daughter of Louis Dandonneau du Sable) in.1704 at Montreal. Their children were Marie-Josephe (1705-1711), Charles II (1706-1757) & Marie-Anne (b.1708 Montreal) (m.Pierre Parent in 1725 at Michilimackinac. As a widow of Charles, Amgelique remarries in 1710 to Ignace Jean.
Charles Chaboillez (Chaboille/Chaboillier) II: (b.1706, Montreal - d.1757, Michilimackinac)
     Charles was the son of Charles I & Angelique Dandonneau du Sable and marries Marie-Anne Chevalier (daughter of Jean Bte.Chevalier & Francoise Alavoine) at Michilimackinac in 1735. Their children were: Charles III (1736-1808), Jean Bte. (b.abt.1738), Augustin (b.1739), Louis-Joseph (b.1741), Paul-Amable (b.1743), Pierre-Louis (b.1745), Marie-Anne-Marthe (b.1746), Francois-Hypolite (b.1751), Charlotte-Domitildde (b.1753) & Marie-Renee (b.1754).
     Charles II was a trader in the Lake Superior region and had a post on St.Joseph Is. After Charles II died in 1757, Marie-Anne moved to Montreal. Charles II was well connected through family ties in the fur trade of the western Great Lakes region with brother-in-laws like; Rene Bourassa, Joseph Hins, Antoine Deshetres, Antoine Lauzon, Jacques Dumay-Demers, Jean-Etienne Cheniers & Pierre Grignon.

Charles Jean Bte.Chaboillez (Chaboille/Chaboillier) III: (b.1736, Michilimackinac - d.1808)
     Charles was the son of Charles II & Marie-Anne Chevalier and he married Marguerite Larcheveque (abt.1749-1798) (daughter of Jacques Larcheveque dit La Promenade) at Montreal in 1769. Their children were Charles IV (1772-1812), Marie-Charlotte-Domitille (abt.1772-1805), Marie-Marguerite (b.abt.1775)(m.Simon McTavish in 1793), Adelaide (b.abt.1779)(m.Joseph Bouchette) & Rachel (m.Roderick McKenzie about 1820 at Terrebone).
     Until 1780 Charles III he wintered in the area of Grand Portage & Grande Riviere and spent his summers at Montreal. After 1780 he spent his winters in Montreal and summers on his trading ventures (while in the west his chief agent in Montreal was his wife, Marguerite). About 1785 he was in partnership in the formation of the General Company of Lake Superior & the South. His associates in the fur trade were; Jean Orillat, Etienne-Charles Campion, John Askins, the Frobisher's & the McGill's. He was appointed storekeeper for the British Indian Dept. at St.Joseph Is. from 1802 to 1807, after which he retired to Montreal..

Charles Chaboillier (Chaboille/Chaboillier) IV: (b.1772, Montreal - d.1812, Mascouche, Lower Canada)
     Charles was the son of Charles III & Marguerite Larcheveque and he married Jessy Bruce in 1811 at Quebec. Their children were; Charles V (1805-1863), Jean, Marguerite, Pierre (b.abt.1808) (m.Josette bef.1841), & Louise (b.1809)(m.Allan Morrison).
     In May of 1791 he was hired by Joseph Frobisher for 4 years as a North West Company clerk. He was at the Cumberland House & Ile-a-la-Crosse NWC posts until he was assigned to the Assiniboine & Red River Departments in 1796. While trading at the mouth of the Pembina River he kept a journal until the summer of 1798. The list of his voyageurs include: Dubois, Chaurette, Roy, Bercier, Desjarlaix, Sauve, Bourret, Francois Delorme, Richards(the HBC trader that left that company to join Chaboillier), Mineclier, Le Duc, Bertrand, Chevalier, Allard, Bibeau, Pouilliot, Foumas, Lambert, Cadotte & Hyversoit. On 14 mar.1798  the David Thompson exploration expedition arrived at the Pembina post and 7 days later Chaboillier accompanied Thompson to Vincent Roy's NWC post south of Pembina on the Forest River. In 1799 he became a partner in the NWC and was given charge of the Lower Red River Department for the company. On October 31 1804 Lewis & Clark wrote to Chaboillier from the Upper Mandan village on the Missouri; "...we met with Mr.Hugh M'Cracken, who informed us that he was in some measure employed by you in behalf of the North West Company, traffic with the natives of this quarter...we have determined to fortify ourselves, and remain the ensuing winter...If, sir, in the course of the winter, you have it in your power to furnish us with any hints in relation to the geography of the country, its productions, either mineral, animal or vegetable, or any other information...we should feel ourselves extremely obliged...". In February of 1811 he was back east at Terrebone where he had four of his children (6-11 years old) baptized.
Charles Chaboillier (Chaboille/Chaboillez/Shabboyer) V: (b.1805 - d.1863 Red Lake, Minnesota)
     Charles was the son of Charles IV & Jessy Bruce and he married Josette before 1840. Their children were; Charles VI (b.abt.1840), Rachel (b.abt.1842 MN), Mary (b.abt.1844 MN), Nancy (b.abt.1853 MN), Charlotte (b.abt.1855 MN) & James (b.abt.1857 MN).
     He was at the following posts for American Fur Co.: Isle Royale (1824-25), Rum River (1835-38), Gull Lake & Red Lake (1843). In 1836 he took, by dog sled, the man who murdered Alfred Aitken (son of AFC trader William Aitken) to Ft.Snelling for trial.