William Morrison (Morison)(White-Bear or Shagahnansheenee/"Little Englishman"): (1785-1866)
     William was the son of Alan Morison (abt.1845-abt.1815) & Josepha (Jane) Wadden [she was the daughter of Jean Etienne Wadden/Wadin who was killed on the English River in 1780 - he was married to an Ojibwe woman. Her sister was married to 1st.Alexander McKay & 2nd.to Dr.John McLoughlin]. He married 1st.to a Ojibwe (Pillager) woman (d.aft.1813), 2nd. to Julia Roussain (d.aft.1826) & 3rd. to Elizabeth Kittson (d.1864). His children were Georgiana (m.Demaray), Joseph (Aygans/Aygos) (1809/13-1880) (m.1st.Aygojebinace/Aygojebenais & 2nd.Odubenunequay), Richard (Dekaince) (abt.1813-abt.1870) (m.1st.Ahsowaynegun & 2nd.Ogmahwubequay), George(Sahquahday) (m.Nubunnayaonahquodequay), Waymittegosheence (m.Mindwmoyien), Waymittegoshequay (m.Chegeshig), William (d.abt.1850) & Donald George (d.1898). The mother of William's first wife took the children about 1826 when William intended to take her grand children east with him when he retired to eastern Canada.
    In January of 1802 William was hired by the XYCo at Berthier, Quebec for five years. He was employed at the Fond du Lac Dept. until 1805 when his company was bought out by the Northwest Co. He remained (1805-1816) employed at the Fond du Lac Dept. under the new owners until the the American Fur Co. took over and the Fond du Lac Dept. became apart of AFCo's, South West Co (1816-1818). In 1818 the Fond du Lac Dept. became apart of the AFCo (the SWCo name was dropped) & William was employed there until his retirement in 1826. While in the Fond du Lac Dept., William wintered at; Leech Lake (1802-03), headwaters of the Wild Rice River [near the source of the Mississippi] (1803-04), Le Haut de la Riviere Rouge (1804-05), Upper Red River (1805-06). The chief agent of the Fond du Lac Dept. for the NWCo. from 1804 to 1812 was Hugh McGillis, who maintained the headquarters at Leech Lake. In 1812 (the beginnings of the British/American war) McGillis is transferred to the Michipicoten post and James Grant becomes William's boss & chief agent of the Fond du Lac Dept.
    By 1815 Grant is in charge of the Leech Lake headquarters and Morrison at the Sandy Lake sub-post. In June of 1816 Grant sends Morrison & Eustace Roussain at the head of assembled Ojibwe warriors & voyageurs to Rainy Lake to go against the Selkirk Colonists (as was ordered by NWCo's McLeod, Henry & McLoughlin). On 19 June 1816 Duncan Cameron (of the NWCo.) approach the Red River (Selkirk) Colony with a force of Metis and when met by the leaders of the Colony, shot and killed 21 including the Governor Semple. Lord Selkirk organized a force in the east and taking his main force toward the NWCo's headquarters at Ft. William, sent P.C.Pambrun & Michel McDonnel with a smaller force through the Fond du Lac Dept. On 9 September 1816 Selkirk's brigade captured Grant, his clerks (including Morrison) & voyageurs at the Sandy Lake sub-post. Grant, Roussain & Morrison are taken to Ft.William (where Lord Selkirk had already taken the NWCo. headquarters) as prisoners. In October they leave Ft.William with an escort for the east but at Sault Ste.Marie escape into U.S. territory. Morrison & Roussain arrive back in Fond du Lac on 6 December 1816 and Morrison take charge of the Dept.
    William retired from the fur-trade in 1826 returning east to live near Berthier with his second wife Julia.

Allen Morrison: (1803-1877)
     He was the younger brother of William and married Charlotte-Louise Chaboullier about 1825 and their children were; Charles (b.1827), Marguerite (b.1829), Mary Ann (b.1832) (m.John R.Sloan), Charlotte Louisa (b.1835), Jane (b.1838), Caroline (b.1841) (m.Grandelmyer), John George (b.1843) (m.Margaret Elizabeth Fairbanks in 1863), Rachel (b.1846), Allen Jr.(b.1848) & Louisa (b.1851).
     Allen came to the Fond du Lac Dept. & worked as a clerk for his older brother in 1821. When William Aitken took over as AFCo's chief agent of the Fond du Lac Dept. in 1826 Allen continued his employment as trader of various sub-posts. He lived for years at Crow Wing, Minnesota until 1874 when he move to White Earth, Mn., where he was buried in the Catholic cemetery.