Eustache Roussain: (born 1770-80)
Eustache was a prominent trader in the Fond du Lac Dept. first for Northwest Fur Co. than American Fur Co. His name first surfaces in 1795 as a clerk for Simon Chaurette in J.Sayer & Co.'s Lac du Flambeau Dept. which was a fur company associated with the Northwest Fur Co. From 1798 to 1804 he was a clerk/interpreter in the Fond du Lac Dept. of  NWC. In 1804 he was at Athabasca Dept. but 1805-06 back in the Fond du Lac Dept. as clerk/interpreter. In 1816 while serving NWC in the same capacity he was arrested by Selkirks army with James Grant & William Morrison (Wm.'s wife was Julia Roussain) at Fond du Lac as part of Lord Selkirk efforts to retake & restore his Red River Colony, taken & dispersed by the NWC the previous year. Between 1826 & 1831 he was a full partner with William Aitken as chief traders of American Fur Co.'s Fond du Lac Dept. with his post at Leech Lake & Aitken's at Sandy Lake.

Eustache Roussain: (b.1827 Ft.Garry, d.10 jan.1872 Portage La Prairie)
Eustache's was the son of Charles Roussain and married Marguerite Caron (dau. of Antoine Caron & Angelique St.Germain). Eustache & Marguerite children were: Charles(b.12 feb.1852, St.Boniface); Pierre; Francois; Regis; Jean Bte.(b.jun.1869); & Eustache Jr.(b.30 jun.1861, St.Boniface).

Eustache Roussain:
Eustache was a trader for the North West Co., Hudson Bay Co. & American Fur Co., who died on 4 July 1839 and had been married to three sisters.

Charles Roussain: (b.abt.1799, Canada)
1834 &1860 employed by Amer.Fur Co.'s Fond du Lac Dept.

Francois Roussain: (b.abt.1815/20 Minnesota)
1860 employed by Amer.Fur Co.'s Fond du Lac Dept.
Wife was named Susan and son's were Francois Jr.(b.abt.1838, Mn.) & Eustache(b.abt.1842, Mn.).

Francois Roussain:
Francois was married to Zoe Bouc and they had a son named Eustache born in Feburary of 1840 in the Fond du Lac area.

Joseph Roussain: (b.abt.1819, Wisconsin)
1850 Itasca Co., Mn.census list Joseph as a fisherman.
Sons were Joseph Jr.(b.abt.1840) & John(b.abt.1843)
List of Red River Households: (as listed in "The Genealogy of the First Metis Nation", compiled by Sprague & Frye)
Baptiste Roussain(b.1772) / wife-Josephte(b.1775)
Charle Roussain(b.1809) / wife-Therese Ducharme(b.1812)
Charle Roussain(b.1809) / wife-Betsy Houle(b.1820)
Francois Roussain(b.1833) / wife-Elise Courchene(b.1838)

Possible ancestors of the above are:

Nicolas Roussain:
     Nicolas was married to 1st. Madeleine Paradis in 1667, Marie-Madeleine Tremblay in 1671 & Anne Moutrille in 1674. Their children were: Pierre (b.1675), Joseph (b.1679)(m.Anne Jacob in 1704 at L'Ange Gardien, Que.), Jacques (1685-1753)(m.Marie-Madeleine Guyon (daughter of Joseph Guyon, sieur Dubuisson & Genevieve Cloutier), Nicolas (1688-1762)(m.1st. Marie-Anne Goulet in 1718 & m.2nd. Marie-Anne Cote in 1741), Jean (b.1690)(m. Marie-Genevieve Pauze in 1716) & Louis (b.1695)(m. Catherine Trudel in 1718).