Pierre Grignon I: (1709-?)
     He was the son of Jacques Grignon & Marie-Therese Richer. Pierre I married Josephte-Marguerite Chevalier (daughter of Jean Bte.Chevalier & Francoise Alavoine) at Michilimackinac in 1738. Their children were: Joseph (m.Marie Josephe Turcotte in 1771), Marie-Marguerite (b.1739)(m.Pierre-Augustin Arcouet), Pierre II (1740-1795)(m.1st.a Menominee woman & 2nd.Louise-Domitilde Langlade), Jean Bte.(b.1743)(m.Marie-Renee Moreau in 1768), Marie-Joseph (b.1746), Hopolite (m.1st.unknown & 2nd.Lisitte Charette) & Marie-Pelagie (b.1748).

Pierre Grignon II: (1740-1795)
     He was the son of Pierre Grignon I &  Josephte-Marguerite Chevalier, born in Montreal, Quebec. Pierre II married 1st. to a Menominee/Winnebago woman (in 1776) & 2nd.to Louise-Domitilde Langlade(daughter of Charles-Michel Langlade & Charlotte-Ambroisine Bourassa) at Michilimackinac in 1787. His children were: Perrich, (abt.1770-abt.1840)(m.Mary abt.1823), Pierre-Antoine III (1777-1823), Charles-Antoine (1779-1846)(m.to Charolotte, Therese Rankin & Susan Larose), Augustin (1780-1860)(m.Nancy McRea), Louis (1783-1839)(m.Catiche Cardin), Jean Bte.(1785-1832)(m.1st.Quipiwa, 2nd.Noquas & 3rd.Cattish Macabee), Domitille (1787-1847)(m.Dominique "Masca" Brunette in 1811), Marguerite (1789-1823)(m.Louis Corbelle in 1803), Paul-Hypolite (1790-1851)(m.to Nanette & Lisette Charette) & Amable (1795-1845)(m.1st.an Ojibwe woman & 2nd.to Judith Bourassa).
     Pierre II is licensed to trade along with another of Charles Langlade's son-in-laws, Jean Bte.Barcellou., in 1767. He maintained a residence at Green Bay (along with families of Langlades, Roys, Reaumes, Franks & Vieaus) and his sons became prominent traders/voyageurs in todays Wisconsin & Minnesota.

Pierre-Antoine Grignon III: (1777-1823)
     He was the son of Pierre Grignon II and baptized at Michilimackinac in 1787. Pierre III married 1st Charlotte Pemonica about 1801 & 2nd. to Marie Challefoux about 1811.
     From 1793 to 1802 Pierre III was trading on the Upper Mississippi & St.Croix Rivers. During the War of 1812 he was commissioned a captain and sent to Green Bay to raise volunteers for the British cause. After the war he remained at Green Bay where he died in 1823.

Pierre-Barnard Grignon IV:
     He was the son of Pierre Grignon III and in 1830 carring the mail between Green Bay & Milwaukee.