Augustin Mouet, sieur de Langlade: (b.sep.1703 Trois-Rivieres - d.1771/77 Green Bay)
     Sieur de d'Englade, as he was sometime referred to, was the son of Pierre Mouet, sieur de Moras (d.1708 Trois-Rivieres) & Elisabeth Jutras (m.1694 Trois Rivieres). Elisabeth was the niece of Pierre-Esprit Radisson, the early trader/explorer of the far western region. He married Domitille Oukabe dit Neveu (also known as Domithilde La Fourche or Kapiouapnonkoue) at Michilimackinac in 1728. Domitille was the daughter of Ottawa Chief Kewanoqat, sister of Ottawa Chief Nissowaquet (La Fourche) and the widow of Daniel Amiot dit Villenuve. Together, Augustin & Domitille had the following children: Agate (b.1722 Michilimackinac, m.1st.Pierre Souligny Leduc, m.2nd.Amable Roy); Charles Michel (b.1724/29, m.1st.Charlotte Ambroise Bourassa & m.2nd.Dourana, d.1800 Green Bay); & Jean Bte.Michel (b.1729).
     In 1731 Augustin was a partner in the 2nd Sioux Company, hired (6 jul.1731) by Francois Poulin de Francheville for "voyage qu'il va faire au pays des Scioux". In August of 1732 he hired Jean Bte.Gendon & Jean Bte.Denot for "le voyage aux Scioux", on 4 Aug.1733 he hired Jacques Chevalier for "le voyage aux Scioux" and on 3 May 1738 hired Antoine Trottier for Michilimackinac. Augustin located his residence at Michilimackinac until 1745 when he moved to Green Bay .

Charles-Michel Langlade: (1724/29 - 1800)
     Charles was the son of Augustin Mouet, sieur de Langlade & Domitille, born at Michilimackinac. He married Charlotte-Ambrose Bourassa (daughter of Rene Bourassa & Anne-Charlotte-Veronica Chevalier) (Charlotte had married Jean Bte.Leduc in 1773) in 1754 and also was married to an Ottawa woman by the name of Dourana.