Pierre Roy / LeRoy / Royer / Poitevin / St.Lambert: (1638/42 - 1721)
     He was the son of Charles Roy & Jeanne Boyer, born in La Rochelle, France. Pierre married Catherine Ducharme (daughter of Jean DuCharme & Ann Lelievre) in 1672 at Montreal. Their children were: Marguerite (1674-1749), Anne (1676-1729) (m. Andre Babeu/Beauf in 1689), Pierre II (1676-1743) (m. 1st. to Marguerite Ouankikove/Ouabankiknove in 1705 and 2nd. to Marie-Angelique Faye-Lafaillette), Marie-Marguerite (1681-1758) (m. Clement Leriger dit Laplante in 1700), Jean (1683-?), Marie-Magdeleine (1684-1707/26) (m. Jean Peras dit Lafontaine in 1701), Jacques (1688-1730) (m. Martha-Marguerite French in 1711), Francois (1690/91-1747) (m. Madeleine Truteau/Trudeau in 1731), Etienne (1690/91-?), Andre (1692-1754) (m. Suzanne Bourdon in 1718), Louis (1694-1724) (m. Marguerite Dumay/Demers in 1718) & Marie-Josette (1697-?) (m. Louis Truteau in 1719).
Pierre Roy / LeRoy II: (1676 - 1743)
     He was the son of Pierre Roy & Catherine Ducharme, born at Laprairie. Pierre married 1st. to Marguerite Ouankikove/Ouabankiknove in 1703 at Detroit and 2nd. to Marie-Angelique Faye-Lafaillette in 1705 at Laprairie. His children were: Marguerite (1704-1755) (m. Jean Robin dit Latouche in 1739), Pierre III (1706-1716), Marie-Louise (1708-1735) (m. Alexis Trotier des Ruisseaux in 1735 at Detroit), Marie-Renee (1710-?) (m. Jacques Tremblay in 1730), Marie-Madeleine (1710-1732) (m. Pierre Chene dit Labutte in 1728 at Miami village near Detroit), Marie-Anne (1705/12-?) (m. Francois Dupuis in 1732), Francois (1713-?) (m. Barbara-Elizabeth Dudevoir dit Lachine about 1735 at Detroit), Marie-Angelique (1717-?), Marie-Louisa (1717-?), Marie-Rose (1718-?), Marie-Charlotte (1720-?) & Jacques (1723-?).
     Pierre I was hired in 1692 by the Jesuits to go to the 8ta8ois and in 1696 he was hired by Dumez, Trudeau & Benoit to the same tribe. In 1703 he was employed by Cadillac at Detroit and also employed in the west for the years of 1713 & 1718.

Louis Roy / LeRoy: (1694 - 1724)
     He was the son of Pierre Roy & Catherine Ducharme, born at Laprairie. Louis married Marguerite Dumay/Demers in 1718 and their children were: Marie-Marguerite (b.1720, Detroit), Marie-Josephe (b.,1722, Detroit) & Marie-Madeleine (b.1726, Detroit).
     Louis was employed in the west in 1718 & 1725.

Francois Roy / LeRoy: (1690/91 - 1747)
     He was the son of Pierre Roy & Catherine Ducharme, born at Laprairie. Francois married Barbara-Elizabeth Dudevoir dit Lachine at Detroit about 1735. He was employed in the west for the years 1717, 1724 & 1730.

Edmond Roy - Chatellereau de Ste.Anne: (1665/75 - ?)
     He was the son of Michel Roy-Chatellerault & Francoise Hobbe-Aube, born at Ste.Anne, De la Perade, Champlain, Quebec. Edmond married Marie-Anne Janvier (daughter of Jean Janvier & Dorthie Dubois) at Ste.Anne in 1701 and their children were:  Michel (1701-1761) (m.Marie-Angelique Perot-Perrault in 1728), Marie-Francoise (1703-1760) (m.Pierre-Thomas Laquerre in 1725), Marguerite (1705-1788) (m.Jean Bte.Guillet dit St.Marc in 1728), Marie-Josephe (1707-1779) (m.Francois Perot in 1730), Joseph (1709-1761, Pte.Coupee, Louisiana) (m.1st.to Madeleine Perthuis at Detroit in 1736, m.2nd.to Perrine Lacour in 1741 at Pte.Coupee, Louisiana & m.3rd to Marie-Magelaine Lejeune).
     Edmond was hired by Jean Bochart for Detroit in 1701, along with Michel Roy de Ste.Anne & Pierre Roy de Ste.Anne.

Joseph Roy - Chatellereau: ((1709 - 1761)
     He was the son of Edmond Roy & Francoise Hobbe-Aube. Joseph married 1st.to Madeleine Perthuis at Detroit in 1736, m.2nd.to Perrine Lacour in 1741 at Pte.Coupee, Louisiana (daughter of Nicolas de La Cour & Perinne Bret) & m.3rd to Marie-Magelaine Lejeune/Janvier. His children were: Joseph-Noel (1745-1817) (m.Marie-Louise Bellome in 1769 at Pte.Coupee & Marie-Anne Bordelon in 1770 at Pte.Coupee, Louisiana), Suzanne (abt.1747-?), Jeanne-Juana (1747-?) (m. Antoine Goudeau in 1762 at Pte.Coupee), Therese (abt.1749-?), Jacques-Noel (1749-?) (m. Perinne Bordelon about 1772), Elizabeth-Isabelle (1753-?) (m. Joseph-Jean-Frederic Leonard in 1769 at Pte.Coupee), Suzanne (1758-?) (m. Guillaume Gilchrist in 1772 at Pte.Coupee), Eleanore (1760-1795) (m. Philipe Hebert-Milan in 1775 at Opelousas, Louisiana), Marie-Therese (1762/64-?) (m. Jean Bte.Darban in 1778) & Augustin (1766-?)

Joseph Roy: (1728 - ?)
     He married Marie-Anne d'Amours de Chauffour (daughter of Pierre Damours de Chauffours & Cecile Thibodeau) in 1749 and their children were: Marie-Josephe, Thomas-Felicien (1762-?) (m. Marie-Josephe Godin in 1785), Josephe-Norberte & Marguerite.

Joseph Roy / LeRoy: (1744 - 1825)
     He was the son of Joseph Leroy & Marie-Louise Gagnon, born in Charlesbourg, Quebec. He married Marguerite Oskinanotame (1760-1835) (daughter of Menominee leader AhkenepawehAkeeneebaway or Standing Earth and Waupanokiew) [she was the grand-daughter of Shawano and related to Oshkosh, Onaugesa, Kaushkaunoweh (Grizzly Bear) and Pottawattomie chief - Anaugesa]. Their children were: Susan Sowankien (m.Domanick Brunette), Francois (1784-?) (m.Therese Lecuyer),  Charlotte (1785-?) (m. Joseph Campinne/Camanne in 1807), Angelique-Angeline (1786/89-1862) (m.Jacques-Jean Vieaux Jr. in 1786), Catherine Songbird (1787-?) (m. 1st. to Alexis Gardapier and m.2nd. to Joseph H.Rioux), Marie (m. Jean Marie Ducharme) & Pierre (abt.1793-?).
     Joseph was the brother of Amable Roy (who married the daughter of Augustin Langlade). He was a resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1780.

Francois Roy / LeRoy: (1784 - ?)
     He was the son of Joseph LeRoy & Marguerite Oskinanotame and married Therese Lecuyer. From 1812 to 1818 Francois maintained a post at the portage between the Fox & Wisconsin Rivers

Amable Roy / LeRoy:
     He was born in Montreal and married Agate Langlade (daughter of Augustin Langlade & widow of Pierre Leduc-Souligny). Amable was living at Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1761 and wintering on the Upper Mississippi in 1764.

Pierre Roy: (? - 1721)
     He married Marie-Anne Macoutentiaoue at Kaskaskia, Illinois about 1716 and their daughters were: Marie-Louise (b.1717, Kaskaskia, Ill.) & Genevieve (b. 1719, Kaskaskia - d. 1721, Kaskaskia). Pierre died at Kaskaskia in 1721.

Joseph Roy- Chatellereau II: (1762 -?)
     He was the son of Joseph Roy-Chatellereau I & Marie-Louise Hamelin and married Archange Dussault (daughter of Louis-Joseph Dussault & Louise Des Buttes) at Detroit in 1794. His brothers were Alexis (b.1766) & Michel (b.1769).

Jean Baptiste Roy:
     He married Jeanne Prudhomme and their son Jean was baptised at Detroit in 1766.
Julien Roy: (abt.1730/32 - ?)
     He married Marie-Barbe Saucier (daughter of Henry Saucier & Barbe Lacroix) at Mobile in 1750/51 and their children were: Marianne (abt.1754, Illinois) (m. Louis Baudin in 1778 at Mobile), Charles-Julien (b.1756, Mobile) (m. Susanne Dodier in 1779, St.Louis), Magdeleine (b.1758, St.Louis) (m. Francois Hebert in 1774, St.Louis), Julien II (b.1767, St.Louis) (m. 1st. to Marie-Louise Cote in 1784, St.Louis and Reine M.Guilgaut in 1797), Henry-Francois (b.1767, St.Louis-1831, Carondelet) (m. Jeanne Montardy in 1793), Pierre-Patrice (b.1770, St.Louis) & Louis (b.1773, St.Louis).

Alexis Roy dit Portelance:
     He was the son of Louis-Paul Roy-Portelance & Angelique Allaire born in Lachine, Montreal, Quebec. Alexis married Marie-Josephe Brau/Brod at Lachine in 1761. His brothers were Louis (b.1727), Jean Bte. (b.1730), Joseph-Noel (b.1737) & Jacques (b.1742).
     He was hired by Amable Huber for Michilimackinac in 1762 and wintered at Michilimackinac & the Mississippi River for Paterson & Kay in 1775/76.

Vincent Roy I:
     His children were: Vincent II (1795-1872) (m. Lizette) & Daughter (abt.1800-?) (m. Simon McGillivay). Vincent I traded at Thief & Red Lake River's (Red Lake post) area for J.Sayer & Co. from 1794 to 1797. He establish at post on the Upper Red River (of the North) in October of 1797. He continued his employ with J.Sayer & Co. (Fond du Lac District) until about 1800, after which he was employed in the same department for the North West Co. (Hugh McGillis). In 1817 Vincent retired from the North West Co., driving 13 head of horses to the mouth of the Little Fork River and selling them to the NWC post in the area. He then settled on a farm at the mouth of that river. By June of 1837 the settlement at the mouth of the Little Fork River is almost abandanded and acording to William Sinclair's diary "...Roy had left Simon Sayer in charge while he was at the Red River where he plans to 'end his well spent life'." (Vincent Roy Jr. was at Sault Ste.Marie). Vincent's brothers were probably Joseph (1844-1825), Amable & Louis.

Vincent Roy II: (1795 - 1872)
     He married Lizette (1805-1883) and their children were: John (1821-?) (m. Josette), Vincent III (1825-1896) (m. Elizabeth-Lizette Cournoyer - daughter of V.Cournoyer), Charles (1845-?) (m. Mary) & Lewis (1847-?) (m. Caroline).
     Vincent lived in St.Croix Co. in 1842 and Crow Wing/Long Prairie Dist. in 1849.

Benjamin Roy:
     He was from l'Assumption and from 1807 to 1808 employed by to Mackinac Co. for Mackinac & Prairie du Chien. In the 1820 Crawford Co.census he is propably at Prairie du Chien.
Joseph Roy dit Cire:
     He is from Vaudreuil - St.Constant - Lachine and employed by the North West Co. & the American Fur Co. at places like Mackinac, Le Pic & Drummond Is.