REAUME / RHEAUME: The Reaume name turns up often in trading records from Detroit, Michilimackinac, Green Bay & Mackinac from the 1750's on. More research will be needed to establish family lines & trading patterns.
Here is what I have.

Hyacinthe Reaume: (1704-1774)
     He was the son of Robert-Joseph Reaume & Elisabeth Brunet, born in Lachine, Quebec. Hyacinthe married Agathe Lacelle (1709-1778)(daughter of Jacques Lacelles & Angelique Gibaut) at Montreal in 1727. Their children were: Marie-Anne-Agathe (1730-1799)(m.Joseph Poupard dit Lafleur in 1751), Elisabeth (1734-1748), Joseph (1739-1796) (m.Marie-Charlotte Levasseur-Carmel in 1766), Jean Bte.(1741-abt.1807)(m.Agatha Lootman-Barrois in 1763), Charles (b.1743)(m.Angelique Beauchamp), Catherine (b.1744), Marie-Anne (b.1746)(m.Pierre Baron-Lupien in 1765) & Marie-Julie (1748-1795)(m.Jehu Hay in 1764).
     Hyacinthe is listed in the Detroit area census of 1750 but the records show that his daughter, Elisabeth was born at Detroit
 in 1734. He apparently was a shoemaker & voyageur while living in the Detroit area.

Joseph Reaume: (1739-1796)
     He was the son of Hyacinthe Reaume & Agathe de LeCelle, born in Detroit. Joseph married Marie-Charlotte Levasseur-
Carmel at Boucherville in 1766 and their children were: Agathe, Charlotte, Joseph, Jeanne, Nicolas, Pascal, Antoine, Louise, Therese, Anne & Julie (all born in the area of Detroit).

Jean Bte.Reaume: (1741-abt.1807)
     He was the son of Hyacinthe Reaume & Agathe de LeCelle, born in Detroit. Jean married Agatha Lootman dit Barrois (daughter of Francois Lootman & Marie-Anne Sauvage) at Detroit in 1763.

Capt.Charles Reaume: (1743-1813)
     Parents: Hyacinthe Reaume (b.1704) (shoemaker in Detroit) & Agathe de Lacelle.
     Siblings: Jean Bte. (b.1741); Marie-Julie Reaume (married Jehu/John Hay 1763/64); Alexis Reaume.
     Wife: Angelique Beauchamp (daughter of Pierre Beauchamp & Marie Content).
     Bio: 1760's interpreter for British Ind. Dept. - Detroit.
            1776 with brother Alexis takes out trade license.
            1778 was a Capt. in the Ind. Dept. under Jehu Hay (bro-in-law) who was Deputy Superintendent of Ind. Dept.
            1781-95 Warden of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption (the south shore parish of Detroit)

Pierre Reaume dit Thamur (Themus): (1709-1766)
     He was the son of Robert-Joseph Reaume & Elisabeth Brunet, born in Lachine, Quebec. Pierre married  Suzanne Hubert Hubert-Lacroix(daughter of Louis Hubert dit LaCroix & Marie-Madeleine Trottier) at Detroit in 1738. Their children were: Pierre (m.Marie-Josephte Pilet in1754 at Detroit), Marie-Charlotte-Suzanne (b.1738 Detroit) (m.Pierre-Charles Daneau du Muy at Detroit in 1760), Suzanne (1740-1760)(m.Jacques Baby-Duperon at Detroit in 1760), Claude-Thomas (b.1743 Detroit) (m.Genevieve Janis), Bonaventure (b.abt.1745 Detroit) (m.Marie-Jeanne Deshetres at Detroit in 1767) & Marie-Louise (b.1750 Detroit) (m.1st.Alexis Cuillerier-Beaubien in 1770 & 2nd.Jean Bte.Guillet-Tourandeau in 1791).
     Pierre Sr. is also listed in the Detroit area census of 1750 and died there in 1766.

Pierre Reaume I: (1691-1740)
     He was the son of Rene Reaume & Marie Chevreau born at Charlesbourg, Quebec. Pierre I married Marie-Therese Esteve (Stebre) dit Lajeunesse (daughter of Etienne Esteve dit Lajeunesse & Madeleine Frappier) in 1722. Their children were Marie-Therese (b.1723 Detroit)(m.Joseph Charbonneau in 1738), Marguerite (b.1725 Detroit)(m.Charles Bouron in 1756) & Pierre II (b.1727 Detroit)(m.1st.Marie-Josephe Pilet in 1754 & m.2nd.Marie Catherine Dubois in 1763).

Pierre Reaume dit Thamur (Themus) II: (1727- ?)
     He was the son of Pierre Reaume I & Marie-Therese Esteve dit Lajeunesse, born at Detroit. He married 1st. Marie-Josephe Pilet in 1754 & 2nd.Marie Catherine Dubois in 1763. Their son Pierre III was born in Detroit in 1758 and married Marie-Jeanne Campeau in 1780.

Jean Bte. Reaume I: (1675-?)
     He was the son of Rene Reaume & Marie Chevreau who were married in Quebec in 1665. Jean married Symphorose Ouaouabouigne (8a8ab8k8e) at St.Ignace, Michilimackinac, Michagan ("pays d'en Haut") in 1720. Their children were: Marie-Josephe Reaume (b.1728/29)(m.Jean Bte. Jourdain, in 1746); Susanne Reaume married  Charles Personne/Parson dit Lafond at Michilimackinac in 1747), Jean Bte.((m.Mare-Josephe Matchiouagakouat), Marie-Madeleine (abt.1712-1781) (m.Louis-Pascal Chevalier) & Marie-Judith (b.abt.1725).
              Residence: Green Bay.
              Occupation: Interpreter

Jean Bte. Reaume II:
             Parents: Jean Bte.Reaume I & Symphorose Ouaouabouigne.
            Wife: Marie-Joseph Matchiougakouat (8agak8at)[of the Folle Avoine tribe]. (m.1754)
             Children: Jean Bte.Reaume (b.sep1753); Joseph (b.1755 at wintering post on the Mississippi)
             Residence: Green Bay.
             Occupation: Interpreter

Charles Reaume: (1752-1822/23)
            Wife: Sanguenette
            Children: 3 boys & 1 girl.
            Cousin: Noel Reaume
            Bio: 1792 moved residence to Green Bay.
                   1792/93 wintered at his post on the St.Croix R. with James Porlier & Laurent Barth.
                   1803 (26 nov.) appointed magistrate for La Bay, St.Clair Co., Indiana.
                   1815 known as "Juge a Paux" (Jack-Knife Judge) at Green Bay.

Joseph Reaume:
            Family: Green Bay trading family.
            Bio: 1766/67 engaged on Mj.Rogers expedition west (with J. Carver, Tute, Goddard & Charles Gautier).
                   1779 trading out of Michilimackinac at Fond du Lac on L. Superior.
                   1783-85 wintering on Red Lake.
                   1786 with Jean Bte.Cadette distributed presents to Ojibway villages of Chequamegon, Fond du Lac & Sandy L.
                   1789 he is again wintering on Upper Red L. as part of John Sayers trade expedition (with Cadotte & Attina).
                   1790 wintered at Leech L. with Cadotte.
                   1791 wintered on Leef River.
                   1792/94 wintered near Pembina.
                   1795-98 wintering farther north at L. Manitoba & the Fort Dauphin District for Northwest Co.
                   1799-1804 he was placed in charge of Northwest Co's Folle Avoine Dept.
 Louis Reaume:
              Bio: 1768 (15 apr.) he was hired by Amable Desriviere for Michilimackinac.
                     1771/72 he hired Alexis & Amable Reaume, J.B.Porlier & Joseph Landrie for Les Pays d'en Haut.