Jean Baptiste Cadotte I: (1723-1803)
     He was the son of Jean Francois Cadot & Marie Josette Prouteau, born at Batiscan, Quebec. Jean married 1st to Marie-Anastasie (Athanasie) Equawaice (m.1756) and 2nd to Marie Mouet (m.abt.1767). His children were Marie-Renee (b.1756), Charlotte (b.1759), Jean Bte. (b.1761), Michel (b.1764) & Joseph-Marie (b.1768).
     From 1765 to 1775 he was involved in trading ventures in the Lake Superior area with Alexander Henry, Joseph Frobisher & Peter Pond. In September of 1783 he was sent by Daniel Robertson on a peace mission to the Ojibwe, Dakota & Fox tribes. He retired in 1796 turning his business over to his sons Michel & Jean II.

Michel Cadotte I (Kechemechane): (1764-1837)
     Michel Cadotte I & Jean Bte.Cadotte II took over the fur trade business from their father Jean Bte.Cadotte I (mother - Anastase Equawaise) in 1796. By then the two brother had for many years managed posts in northern Minnesota. The Ojibway Clan (Awause/Catfish) that had established themselves in the former Dakota lands were of the same Clan as their mother's. In 1793 Michel had permanently established his residence on Madeline Is. and was married to the LaPointe village Chief White Crane's daughter. Michel & Madeline (Equaysayway/Traveling Woman) had a large family of which three daughters married traders Lyman Warren, Truman Warren, James Ermantinger & Louis Corbin. Lyman Warren in 1823 bought out his father in laws trading venture later becoming in charge of American Fur Co. operations in the area.

Jean Bte.Cadotte II: (1761-1818)
Jean II married Saugemauqua and their children were Louison, Sophia, Archangel, Edward & Polly.
     Trading between 1792 & 1800 in the Red Lake area, Jean first had a post on the west side of the lake then later at the junction of the Clearwater & Red Lake Rivers. In 1801 he was one of six admitted as partner in Northwest Co. but in 1803 he was expelled as a partner for "drunkeness". After 1803 Jean was employed  by the Mackinac Company at Lac Flambeau in Wisconsin.