Mathieu d'Amours/Damours, sieur de Chaufours & l'Morandiere: (abt.1617-1695)
Mathieu  arrived in New France in October of 1651 (with Jean de Lauzon the new Governor) and married Marie-Marguerite Marsolet de St.Aignan (daughter of Nicolas Marsolet & Marie Barbier) in1652 at Quebec. Their children were; Louis (1655-1708), Mathieu (1656-1696), Elisabeth (b.1658)(m.Claude Charron/Caron in 1684), Rene (b.1660), Charles-Nicolas (b.1662), Joseph-Nicolas (1664-1690), Claude-Louis (1665-1708), Bernard (b.1667), Genevieve (1673-1703)(m.Jean Bte.Celeron de Blainville in 1702), Jacquette-Marie (1675-1703)(m.Etienne de Villedonne in 1697), Marguerite (1677-1703)(m.Jacques Testard de Montigny in 1698) & Philippe (b.1679).
Louis d'Amours/Damours, sieur de Chafours: (1655-1708)
Louis married Marguerite (daughter of Simon Dion-Guyon & Louise Racine) at Quebec in 1686 and their children were; Madeleine (1687-1699), Marie-Josephte (1687-1699), Pierre (b.1688), Francois (b.1692), Marie-Josephte (b.1694), Charlotte (b.1696), Louis(b.1698)(m.Ursule de Saint-Castin), Marie & Louise.
Mathieu d'Amours/Damours de Chauffours, sieur de Freneuse: (1657-1696)
Mathieu married Louise (daughter of Simon Dion-Guyon & Louise Racine) at Quebec in 1686. Louise's first husband was Charles Thibault (m.1684). Their children were; Joseph (b.abt.1687)(m.M.Louise Leger in 1721), Louis (b.1690)(m.Ursule), Mathieu Francois (b.1692)(m.Angelique Coutard in 1726), Nicolas (b.abt.1695) & Jean (b.abt.1696).

Rene d'Amours/Damours de Clignancourt: (1660-after 1710)
Rene married Charlotte Francoise Legardeur (daughter of Charles Legardeur de Tilly & Genevieve Juchereau) in 1689 at Quebec and their children were; Rene-Louis (1691-1702), Joseph (b.1693), Marie-Judith (b.1696) & Marie Angelique (b.1697) & Louis-Mathieu (bapt.1699).

Louis-Mathieu d'Amours/Damours, sieur de Clignancourt: (bapt.1699)
     Louis was the son of Rene & Charlotte-Francoise Legardeur de Tilly, baptized at Sunbury, New Brunswick. He married Marie-Madeleine (daughter of Joseph Guyon dit Despres & Marie-Madeleine Petit) at Terrebonne, Quebec in 1729. Their children were Jean-Mathieu (b.1730), Benjamin-Mathieu (b.abt.1740)(m.Marie-Hoppolyte Delorimier in 1765) & Madeleine (b.1741)(m.Joseph Antoine Guillaume Delorimier in 1760).
     Marie-Madeleine's father (Joseph Guyon) was at Detroit in 1710, her uncle (Jean Guyon) was commander of Green Bay & Michilimackinac, another uncle (Denis Guyon) was Cadillac's father-in-law, her sister (Marie-Josephte Guyon) was married to Paul Marin and her brother (Francois-Louis Guyon) sent Charles Leduc to the Sioux in 1733.
     Louis hired voyageur's for the fur trade from 1723 to 1752, trading at Michilimackinac, Lapointe, Riviere St.Joseph, Detroit, Sault Ste.Marie, Niagara, "Poste des Miami" & "pays d'en haut. His partnerships included Francois l'Archevesque, Louis Denys de Laronde, Nicolas Sarrazin & Nicolas Marie d'Ailleboust, sieur de Musseaux. In the winter of 1728/29 Louis-Mathieu was with Constant Lemarchard, sieur de Lignery and his military force of 400 French & 800-900 Natives on a punitive mission against the Fox tribe. Louis-Mathieu was left at Green Bay after the fort was burned. In the spring of 1754 "Dame Magdeleine Guion-Depres is reported as the widow of de Clignancourt and is hiring voyageurs in Montreal for a voyage to Michilimackinac.

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