Pierre-Joseph Celoron, sieur de Blainville: (1693-1759)
Pierre participated in the Chickasaw War (1739-40)  and was twice commander at Detroit between 1742-54. In 1749 Pierre was sent by Gov. de La Galissoniere with 200 French & 30 Mission Natives on a mission to expel the British from the Ohio Valley and to punish the rebellious Wyandot Chief - Orontony. Along his way in the Ohio Valley, Pierre buried lead plates with the French claim to the land scribe on them, some of which have been found. His first wife was Marie-Catherine (daughter of Maurice Blondeau & Suzanne Charbonnier dit Lamoureux) and later married Catherine Eury (daughter of Francois Eury, sieur de Laperelle & Charlotte Aubert de Lachesnaye). His father (Jean Baptist) had (married three times) married into the Picote de Belestre, d'Amours & Legardeur de Tilly families - all names connected to the fur trade. His children included; Pierre-Joseph (b.1726), Maurice-Regis (b.1728), Jean Bte.(b.1729), Pierre-Hyacinthe (b.1732), Marie-Catherine (1744-1809), Pierre-Joseph (b.1747) & Francois-Marie (b.1749).

Jean Baptiste Celoron: (b.1698)
Jean (brother to Pierre) was killed while leading a French raid against the British out of Ft.Duqesne. He married Suzanne-Hyacinthe Piot de Langloiserie at Montreal in 1730.

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