Jean-Paul Legardeur, sieur de Saint-Pierre: (1661-1724)
Jean-Paul was the son of Jean Bte.Legardeur de Repentigny & Marguerite Nicolet de Belleborne, born in Quebec City. His grandfather was Jean Nicolet who was sent by Champlain west, on a mission of discovery in 1634. Jean-Paul married Marie-Josette Leneuf de Lavalliere in 1692 and their children were; Jacques (1701-1755), Agathe (bapt.1696) & Antoinette-Gertrude (bapt.1698).
Jean-Paul was at Michilimackinac in 1715 & commanding at the Lapointe post from 1718 to 1720.

Jacques Legardeur, sieur de Saint-Pierre: (1701-1755)
Jacques was the son of Jean-Paul  & Marie-Josette Leneuf de La Valliere & great-grandson of Jean Nicolet. Jacques married Marie-Joseph Guillimin (daughter of Charles Guillimin & Francoise Le Maitre La Morille) in 1738.
From 1734 to 1737 Jacques commanded Fort Beauharnois, on the banks of Lake Pepin, rebuilding the fort in May of 1737. In 1747 he became the Commander of Fort Michilimackinac & involved in the Second Sioux Company until 1749. His next command was that of Laverendrye's Western Sea Posts (Mer de l'Ouest), leaving Montreal (June 5 1750), passing through Fort Michilimackinac (July 12, 1750) and wintering at Fort La Reine (Portage Laprairie, Manitoba). His second in command was Ensign Joseph-Claude Boucher de Niverville and voyageurs; Alexandre Bissonnet (guide), Laurent Denige, Joseph-Paul Bissonnet, Augustin Charbonneau, Louis Croquehoye, Francois Lacombe, Amable Dyon, Paul Parisien, Bazil Riel Lirlande, Antoine Goulet, Baptiste Masson, Louis Leclerc & Piere Deslorier [a translated version of Jacques report as commander of the Western Sea posts is in Joseph L.Peyser's bio. of  "Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre", Mich.State Univ.Press]. In 1753 Jacques left his command and turned his mission of French expansion over to Luc de La Corne. In his report to his superiors, Jacques Legardeur, wrote of meeting Lacorne enroute in August of 1753"...I found the chevalier de la Corne, who told me at the outset that M.Marin Jr. had gone to Missilimakina with Sioux chiefs, and that not being able to wait for my arrival, he had left to go to his post with the aforesaid chiefs [who, on leaving, had made an appointment with the Crees by a speech that they gave to La Corne], which committed me to send my delegates back, of whom de la Corne took charge. I do not doubt that these two nations are now living in peace [and are joining to go to war against the Prairie Sioux. I forgot to note that the River and Lake Sioux, before leaving, had sent two Crees whom they had been detaining since to the Crees as evidence of the goodwill]...". By December of 1753 Jacques was commanding French troops at the newly established Fort Le Boeuf, replacing Paul Marin de La Malgue who had died there. His mission was to re-establish Frances claim to the Ohio Valley and he was visited by George Washington who was sent by Virginia's Governor Robert Dinwiddie to demand French removal from the valley. The previous year the Charles-Michel Mouet de Langlade led a French force into the Ohio Valley to punish La Demoiselle (a Miami Chief who moved his tribe east closer to British traders) & to remove British traders from the Ohio Valley. Langlade's forces killed La Demoiselle, burned the Pichawillany post & captured several traders.  By April of 1754 Jacques was in Montreal having been replaced in the Ohio Valley by Claude-Pierre Pecaudy de Contrecoeur. Jacques was killed in September of 1755 while leading a force of Mohawks & Canadians against a British force near Fort Edwards (Lake George, N.Y.).

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