d'Aillebout / d'Ailleboust:
This large family which assumed many associated surnames such as, Musseaux, Menthet, de la Madeleine, de la Boulasserie, de Perigny, de Coulonge, d'Argentueuil, de Cuisy, etc..., were much involved in the fur-trade. To the best of my knowledge all descend from Nicolas d'Aillebout, sieur de Musseaux & Marie de Montes who were married in Paris on 6 may 1620.

Pierre d'Ailleboust, sieur d'Argenteuil:
Pierre was born on 24 jun.1669 in Quebec to Charles-Joseph d'Ailleboust, sieur de Musseaux & Catherine LeGardeur de Repentigny (m.16 sep.1652 in Quebec). He married Marie Louise Denis/Denys in Quebec on 14 nov.1687. By May of 1693 Pierre is hiring men in partnership with Simon Reaume at Montreal for "le voyage des 8ta8ois". In 1696 Pierre was sent by Gov.Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac to Sioux country with presents to "cover" the death of Tioscates/Tioskatin. Tioskatin was by some account a Chief of the Dakota at the mouth of the Minnesota River and by other references referred to as a warrior, but La Potherie states "he was the first of his tribe to visit Canada". He was accompanied by Pierre Le Sueur in 1695 along with Ojibwe Chief Chingouabe and spoke with Frontenac in council. The Dakota & Ojibwe representatives spoke of each other as allies against the Mascoutens & Fox, Tioskatin speaking of Dakota prisoners among the Fox, Ottawa & Huron. Tioskatin requested Iron & a "Father" for his people and gave Frontenac 22 arrows, represennting the villages numbered among the Dakota. Tioskatin died in Montreal. By march of 1707 Pierre is in Detroit and in 1708 he is sent by Cadillac with Outavois from Detroit to Michilimackinac. Pierre was buried 16 mar.1711 in Montreal.
Louis d'Ailleboust:

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