Joseph Guyon dit Despres: (1666-?)
     He was the son of Francois Guyon Des Pres & Marie-Marguerite Marsolet-St.Aignan and married Marie-Madeleine Petit-Boismoret in 1697. Joseph was father-in-law to Pierre-Paul Marin's (daughter-Marie-Josephte)(who sent trade expeditions to the Dakota in the 1750's) and Louis-Mathieu Damours de Clignancourt (daughter-Marie-Madeleine), his cousin (Marie-Therese) was married to Lamothe Cadillac (founder & first commander of Detroit) and his brother (Jean Guyon du Buisson) had been commander at both Green Bay & Michilimackinac.
Francois-Louis Guyon dit Derbanne & Despres: (1711-1779)
     He was the son of Joseph Guyon Despres & Marie-Madeleine Petit-Boismorel and married Rose Cotinault Laurier in 1745 in Quebec. Francois helped Charles Leduc obtain goods to trade at the "post of the Sioux" (1733-34).
Denis Guyon St.Germain: (1630-1685)
     He was the son of Jean Guyon Dion Dubuisson Despres & Marie-Madeleine Robin-Boulet and married Elisabeth Boucher in 1659 at Quebec. Their daughter (Marie-Therese) was the wife of Antoine Lamothe Cadillac, married in 1687.

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