From 1731 to 1750's, Pascal, Jacques-Amable, Andre, Thomas, Augustin & Antoine Pilon left records of there employment as voyageurs in the Upper Mississippi, many working for Louis d'Ailleboust de Coulon in the early 1740's and the Marin's in the early 1750's (who were trading with the Fox & Dakota at that time). Identifying these individuals is difficult but most assuredly members of the family groups below, who were associated with the family names of Daoust, Lalonde, Brunet & Sabourin, all common names found in the employment records of the fur trade during this period.

Antoine Pilon I: (1664-1715)
     He was the son of Thomas Pilon & Madeleine Hugues, born in France. He married  Marie-Anne Brunet dit Letang (daughter of Michel-Mathieu Brunet dit Letang & Marie Blanchard) at Montreal in 1689 [Marie was married to Laurent Gaudin in 1719]. Antoine and Marie's children were: Jeanne (1689-?)(m. Jacques Proulx/Prou in 1706), Jean (1691-1755)(m. Marie-Anne Gervais dit Laparisien in 1714), Pierre (1692/93-?)(m. Anne Daoust in 1715), Elisabeth (1696-?)(m.Guillaume Daoust in 1715), Mathieu (1700-?)(m.Marie-Joseph Daoust in 1724), Thomas (1702-1750)(m. Madeleine Daoust in 1725), Antoine (1707-?)(m. Marie-Joseph Roy in 1729), Marie-Anne (1709-?)(m. Jean Bte.Dubois in 1730) & Jacques (abt.1713-?)(m. Marie-Jeanne Messaguier in 1733). The births of the children were recorded as being at Laprairie, Lachine & Pte.Claire in Quebec.

Pierre Pilon: (1692/93-?)
     He was the son of Antoine Pilon & Marie-Anne Brunet dit Letang and married Anne Daoust (daughter of Guillaume Daoust & Madeleine Lalonde). Their children were: Marie (b.1716), Marie-Madeleine (b.1719)(m.Louis Ladou), Augustin (bap.1722)(m. Marie-Anne Robilliard in 1747), Thomas (bap.1723), Jean Bte.(b.1725), Anne-Therese (b.1727), Pierre (b.1728), Jacques-Amable (bap.1730), Marie-Anne (b.1733)(m. Joseph Sabourin), Marie-Amable (b.1734) & Ambroise (b.abt.1735). It appears that most of the children were born at Pte.Claire, Ile de Montreal in Quebec.

Antoine Pilon II: (1707-?)
     He was the son of Antoine Pilon & Marie-Anne Brunet dit Letang and married Marie-Joseph Roy (daughter of Andre Roy & Jeanne Pladeau dit St.Jean) at Pte.Claire, Quebec in 1729. Their children were: Andre-Amable (b.1731), Jacques (m. Francoise Charlebois), Louis (b.1735), Pierre (b.1739), Marie-Josephte (b.abt.1732)(m. Michel Lefebvre in 1752) & Antoine-Amable (m. Catherine Lefebvre dit Laziseret)[in 1751 there was a Joseph Lefebvre dit Lasiseray involved in the trade with the "Sioux" - Catherine had an uncle & three cousins who went by this name].