Jean Baptiste Brunet dit Letang (Lestang):
3 June 1754 Jean Bte.Brunet di L'etang is hired by Toussant Pothier for Michilimackinac.
1769-70 J.Bte.L'etand is hired for "la mer de L'Ouest" by Maurice Blondeau.
1772-73 Jean Bte.Letang is at Grand Portage for Maurice Blondeau.
1774-75 J.Bte.Lestang is sent to the posts of the "mer du Ouest" for Maurice Blondeau & J.Bte.Adhemar.
1776 Jean Bte.Letang hires Jean St.Friole as a boatman.
Dominique Brunet dit Letang (Lestang):
     The first mention of Dominique in the fur trade is the below reference in 1777. In November of 1783 he arrived at Cass Lake (northern Minnesota) with Alexander Henry in opposition to John Sayer & the North West Company. From 1795 to 1796 he is in competition with Jean Bte. Perrault's trade expedition in northern Minnesota apparently turning better profits than Perrault's traders Roy & Cadotte. Dominique continue his opposition in the fur trade with the North West Co. in the Red Lake area until about 1804. He maintained a post at the confluence of the Clearwater & Red Lake Rivers for much of this period.

Dominique Brunet dit Letang (Lestang) Sr.:
     He was the son of Jean Baptiste Brunet dit Letang & Marguerite Dubois born at Lachine about 1734. Dominique married Catherine Pare (daughter of Joseph Pare & Angelique Filiatreau) about 1750 at Lachine. There son (probably the above trader) was Dominique Jr. who married Louise Chenier (daughter of Jean Bte.Chenier & Marie-Louise Chasle) at Ste.Anne's in 1782.
20 May 1777 Dominique Letang is licensed to trade at Michilimackinac with 1 canoe & 9 men for Jean Orillet.
24 April 1783 Dominique Letang is licensed at Fort Culonge with 1 canoe & 5 men for James Finlay & Alexander Henry.

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