Jean-Louis de La Corne, sieur de Chapt de St.Luc: (1666 - ?)
     Jean-Louis was the son of Luc de La Corne & Antoinette d'Aillemagne de Vendon & de Lafont. He married Marie Pecaudy de Contrecoeur (daughter of Antoine Pecaudy & Barbe Denis) at Montreal in 1695. Their children were; Louise-Ursule (bapt.1697), Marie-Madeleine (b.1700), Claire, Louis-Francois (b.1703) (m.Marie-Anne Hubert in 1728), Louis-Luc (bapt.1704), Pierre-Antoine (b.1708), Francois-Josue (b.1710), Luc (b.1711), Joseph-Marie (bapt.1714), Jean-Louis (b.1714) & Marie-Anne (bapt.1716).
     Jean-Louis was promoted to Luetenant in 1685, Captain in 1706, Major in 1714 and awarded the Chevalier de St.Louis in 1713. He was a member of the first "Sioux Trading Company" formed in Montreal in 1727, with Beauharnois, Longueuil, d'Aigremont, St.George, Dupre, Youville, Dillay (Dumay), Claude Marin, Etienne Petit, Jean Garreau, Francois Campeau, Francois de May, Pierre Richard, Jean Bte.Boucher de Montbrun & Francois Boucher.

Louis-Luc (Chevalier) de La Corne de Chapt seigneur de Terrebonne: (1704 - ?)
     Louis-Luc was the son of Jean-Louis de La Corne & Marie Pecaudy. He married 1st. Marie-Anne Hubert-Lacroix (daughter of Rene Hubert & Brancoise de LaCroix) in 1728 at Montreal and 2nd to Elisabeth de Ramezey (daughter of Claude Ramezey & Marie Charlotte Denis)in 1740 at Montreal.
     Louis became the commander at Michilimackinac in 1745 and turned his command over to his second, Charles-Joseph Noyelles de Fleurimont, leaving Michilimackinac in the summer of 1747 with a war party of Potawatomis, Illinois, Sauks, Miamis & Menominees. Later that year he lead his growing force against the Mohawks & New England settlements with Jacques Legardeur, de Saint-Pierre. From 1753 to 1755 Louis was the commander of LaVerendrye's "Posts of the Western Sea". In his report to his superiors, Jacques Legardeur (the former commander), wrote of meeting Lacorne enroute in August of 1753"...I found the chevalier de la Corne, who told me at the outset that M.Marin Jr. had gone to Missilimakina with Sioux chiefs, and that not being able to wait for my arrival, he had left to go to his post with the aforesaid chiefs [who, on leaving, had made an appointment with the Crees by a speech that they gave to La Corne], which committed me to send my delegates back, of whom de la Corne took charge. I do not doubt that these two nations are now living in peace [and are joining to go to war against the Prairie Sioux. I forgot to note that the River and Lake Sioux, before leaving, had sent two Crees whom they had been detaining since to the Crees as evedence of the goodwill]....". Louis was hiring voyageurs between 1753 & 1755 for Grand Portage, "la mer du Ouest" and "poste de l'ouest", but by april of 1756 he was hiring for the "poste des Illinois".

Pierre-Antoine de La Corne, sieur de la Colombiere: (1708 - ?)
     Pierre-Antoine was the son of Jean-Louis de La Corne & Marie Pecaudy. He married Marguerite Petit-LeVilliers (daughter of Charles Petit-LeVilliers & Marie-Madeleine Gautier de Laverendrye) at Montreal in 1744. Marie-Madeleine was the widow of Louis-Joseph Robert.
    Pierre-Antoine was a part of a raiding party (with brother Luc and led by Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre) which destroyed Saratoga, New York in 1745. In 1751 he was hiring voyageurs for Michilimackinac & "poste de la Riviere St.Joseph".

Luc de La Corne, sieur de Chapt de St.Luc: (1711 - ?)
     Luc was the son of Jean-Louis de La Corne & Marie Pecaudy. He married 1st. Marie-Anne Hervieux in 1742 at Montreal, 2nd.Marie-Josephte Guillimin (she was the widow of Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre) in 1757 at Montreal and 3rd.Marie-Marguerite Boucher (daughter of Pierre Boucher de Boucherville & Marguerite Raimbault) in 1774 at Montreal. Luc & M.-Marguerite's children were; Pierre-Louis (b.1775), Marguerite (b.1777), Jean Bapt.(b.1779), Marie-Anne-Francoise (b.1780), Marie-Antoinette (b.1782), Luc-Abraham (b.1783) & Marc-Augustin (b.1785).
     Luc was a part of a raiding party (led by Jacques Legardeur) that destroyed Saratoga, New York in 1745. He was in partnership with Louis-Joseph Gaultier de La Verandrye at the Chagouamigon post and was hiring voyageurs from 1752 to 1757 for Michilimackinac & Chagouamigon (La Pointe).

 Francois-Josue de La Corne, sieur Dubreuil: (1710-?)
     Francois-Josue was the son of Jean-Louis de La Corne & Marie Pecaudy. He married Michelle Hervieux (daughter of Leonard & Catherine Magnain) at Montreal in 1745.
     He was hiring voyageurs in Montreal for Detroit in 1751.

(de St.Luc du Chapts)
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