Claude-Pierre Pécaudy, sieur de Contrecoeur: (1706 - 1775)
      He was the son of Francois-Antoine Pécaudy-Pécody & Jeanne de St.-Ours, born at Contrecoeur in 1706. On 10 jan.1729 he was married first to Marie-Madeleine Boucher de La Perriere (daughter of Rene Boucher de Laperriere & Francoise Mailhot) and later married Marguerite-Barbe Puygibault (daughter of Louis Hingue-Puygibault & Marguerite Gauthier de Varennes) (Marguerite was the widow of Etienne Rocbert-Marandiere) at Montreal in 1768.
     Claude-Pierre became a 2nd Ensign in 1729, a Lieutenant in 1742 and in 1745 he was given the "seigneurie of St.Denis".  In 1749 he was with Capt.Pierre-Joseph Celoron, sieur de Blainville on his expedition up the "la Belle Riviere" (Ohio River) as a 2nd Lieutenant [Consolidated Docket] and later that year promoted to Captain. In 1753 [while French Military Commander of Fort Niagara] he was sent on a mission up the Ohio River Valley and in 1754 he commanded Fort Duquesne. Claude retired from French military service 1759-60 to St.Denis.