Pierre Boucher, sieur de Boucherville,  de Grosbois & de Montorun:
(bapt.1 aug.1622, Normandy, France & d. 19 apr.1717, Boucherville-below Montreal)
In 1635 Pierre came to New France with his parents (Gaspard & M.Nicole) and worked as a youth at a Jesuit-Huron mission, later settling at Trois-Rivieres in 1644. He held the position of Governor of Trois-Rivieres three times between 1653-68 and about 1667 founded Boucherville.
He was married first to a Huron woman named Marie-Madeleine Ouebaddinoukoue dit Chretienne in 1649 and second marriage to Jeanne Crevier in 1652. Children include: Jacques(died young); Pierre Boucher, sieur de Boucherville(m.1683-M.Marguerite Charlotte Denis); Lambert Boucher, sieur de Grandpre(m.1693-Marguerite Vauvril-Blason); Ignace Boucher, sieur de Groisbois(m.1694-M.Anne Margane); Rene-Jean Boucher, sieur de Monbrun(m.1st.-Charest, 2nd-Malhiot, 3rd-Godfroy); Jean Bte.Boucher, sieur de Niverville(m.1710-Marg.Therese Hertel); Marie Boucher(m.1667-Rene Gauthier, sieur de Varennes); Madeleine Boucher(m.1680-Pierre Noel Legardeur, sieur de Tilly); Marguerite Boucher(m.1687-Nicolas Daneau, sieur de Muy, chevalier de St.Louis); Jeanne Boucher(m.1695-Jacques Francois de Sabrevois, sieur de Bleury, chevalier de St.Louis); Charles Boucher(m.-M.Anne La Valtrie); Philippe Boucher(priest); Nicolas(priest); & Ursulines(nun).
Pierre & his decedents played a major role in the financing & implementing the expansion of New France into the midwestern America region.

Rene Boucher, sieur de La Perriere:
On 6 june 1727 the First Sioux Trading Company is formed in Montreal, with the company including; Beauharnois, Longueuil, Lacorne, d'Aigremont, St.George, Dupre, Youville, Dillay-Dumay, Marin, Petit, Garreau, Campeau, de May, Richard, Jean Bte.Boucher de Montbrun & Francois Boucher de Montbrun. Between May & June the following were hired for the "poste des Sioux": Estienne Blot, Francois Poulin de Francheville, Francois Lefebrve, Louis Lapron, Claude Marin, & Charles Boissel. On 16 june, the trading expedition sets out from Montreal with Rene Boucher, sieur de La Perriere (Commander), Pierre Boucher de Boucherville (Rene's nephew) [Consolidated Docket] , La Jemeraye, Maurice Menard (interpreter), Jesuit Rev.Michael Guignas & Jesuit Rev.Nicolas de Gonner. The company had received a 3 year trade monopoly with the Sioux. They arrive on the west shore of Lake Pepin (on the Upper Mississippi) on 4 sep.1727 and begin construction on Fort Beauharnois. This first Ft.Beauharnois was a 100sf enclosure of 12' logs with 3 log buildings. A chapel of St.Michael the Archangel was built and the Fort was located near today's Frontenac, Minnesota.
The information of the Sioux gathered from this venture was that the Nation was divided into the Prairie Scioux & the River Scioux, with the River (Eastern) Sioux joining the Prairie (Western) Sioux, hunting buffalo & attacking tribes on the Missouri in the spring of the year. In the spring of 1728 the Fort was flooded & Rev.Guignas, with 11 Frenchmen leave the Fort for the east but are taken prisoner and do not reach their destination until 1730.

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