Nicolas-Antoine Coulon, Chevalier de Villiers: (1682 - 1733)
     Nicolas was the son of Raoul-Guillaume Coulon, sieur de Villiers & Louise de Lafosse (m.1677, Beaumont-Sur-Oise), born in Brittany, France. In 1705 he married Angelique Jarret de Vercheres (dau. of Francois Jarret de Vercheres & Marie Perrot) in Quebec. [Sometime before 1718 Nicolas may have married a Madame de La Chesaigne].

Children of Nicolas & Angelique:
      Marie-Madelaine (b.1707) ( Francois Duplessis Regnard Lefebvre in 1728; Claude Marin, sieur de la Perriere;  Joseph d'Amours, sieur de Clignancourt in 1754).
      Nicolas-Antoine II (1708-1750) (m.Madeleine-Marie-Anne Tarieux in 1743 - daughter of Pierre-Thomas Tarieu & Madeleine Jarret de Vercheres)
      Louis (1710-1757) (m.Marie-Amable Prudhomme in 1753).
      Francois (b.1712) ( Elizabeth Groston de St.Ange de Bellerive, Madelaine Marin & Genevieve Esnoul de Livaudais.
      Joseph (b.1718) (m.Anne-Marguerite Soumande in 1754).
      Pierre (bapt.1720)
      Charles-Francois (bapt.1721)
      Marie-Anne (1722-1789) (m.Philippe-Ignace Aubert de Gaspe in 1745 - son of Pierre Aubert de Gaspe & Madeleine-Angelique Legardeur)
      Louise (bapt.1724) (m.Amable Prudhomme in 1753).
      Madeleine-Angelique (bapt.1726)
      Antoine ( Marguerite-Marie-Anne Tarieu de la Perade in 1741 and Madeleine in 1743)

     Nicolas-Antoine arrived in Quebed about 1703 and by 1715 he was a lieutenant in the French army. From 1725 to 1730 Nicolas was the French military Commander at Fort St.Joseph, from which Nicolas led (August of 1730) a force of French & Native Allies against the Mesquakie (Renard or Fox) Fort, built 60 leagues south of  Lake Michigan, joining French forces from Fort de Chartes & the Miami Fort and preparing for their campaign of extermination of that Tribe. In January of 1731 the suvivors of  that campaign surrendered to him at Fort St.Joseph and later that year he accompanied them to Montreal and Governor-General Beauharnois to ask for mercy (Montigny at Michilimackinac wrote of there leaving that Fort). From 1731 until his death (killed by a Sauk) in 1733, commanded & rebuilt the fort at La Bay (Green Bay, Wisconsin).

Joseph Coulon de Villiers, sieur de Jumonville: (1718 - 1754)
     Joseph was the son of Nicolas-Antoine & brother of Louis. He married Anne-Marguerite Soumande (daughter of Jean-Paschal Soumande & Marguerite-Ursule LeVerrier - Anne married Jean-Pierre Bachoic in 1755) at Montreal in 1745. In 1754 Ensign Joseph was at the Forks of the Ohio where the new Fort Duquesne had been erected and under the command of  Capt.Claude Pecaudy de Contrecoeur. Joseph was killed in a skirmish (May 1754) with the advancing force under Lt.Col.George Washington, an incident which is thought to have triggered the French & Indian War (known as the Seven Years' War in Europe).

Louis Coulon, sieur de Villiers:
     Louis was the son of Nicolas-Antoine and brother of Joseph. He married Marie-Amable Prud'homme (daughter of Louis Prud'homme & Louise Marie de la Massiere) at Montreal in 1753 (she married Michel-Marie Avisse-Avice-Mougon in 1760). In Sep.1733 Louis was wounded in the second battle of Little Butte de Morts (near present day Neenah, Wisconsin). In 1754 Louis led a large force of  French & Natives on a attack of Fort Necessity in which George Washington surrenders.

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