Jean Baptiste Jarret, sieur de Vercheres: (1687-1752)
     He was the son of Francois Jarret de Vercheres & Marie Perrault/Perrot. Jean married Marie-Madeleine-Francoise d'Ailleboust de Manthet (daughter of Nicolas Dailleboust & Francoise-Jeanne Denis) at Montreal in 1721. Their children were Catherine-Madeleine (b.1731)(m. Pierre-Joseph Hertel, sieur de Beaubassin in 1751), Marie-Anne (b.1733)(m. Philippe-Thomas Dagneau de La Saussaye in 1755) & Charlotte-Gabrielle (b.1735)( Pierre-Marie Raimbault, Sieur de St.Blin & Rene-Ovide Hertel de Rouville in 1767). Jean's brother-in-law was (sister Angelique) Nicolas-Antoine Coulon de Villiers who as commander of Green Bay, rebuilt that post in 1731 and was killed by the Sauk in 1733. Jean was the commander of that same fort in 1746-47. In June of 1730 Jean's wife Madeleine hired Jacques Charly to go west (either to Nepigon or Lake Superior) and after Jean's death, she married Jean Bte.Le Vrault in 1756.
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