Francois-Joseph Hertel de Moncour: (1642 - 1722)
     He was the son of Jacques Hertel de Lafresniere (abt.1620-1651) & Marie-Marguerite Moral. Francois married Marguerite-Josephe Davenay-De Thavenet (Daughter of Raymond Dethauvenet & Elizabeth Demancelin) at Montreal in 1664 and their children were: Zacharie-Francois (1665-1752) (m. Marie-Charlotte Godfroy in 1695), Madeleine (1665-?) (m. Etienne Veron in 1694/95), Jacques Hertel de Cournoyer (1667-1748) (m. Marguerite-Therese Godfroy in 1691), Jean Bte.Hertel, de Rouville (1668-1722), Joseph Hertel de St.Francois (1671-1723) (m. Catherine Philippe in 1698), Louis Hertel de St.Louis (1673-1757) (m. Marie-Catherine Daillebout in 1730), Rene (1675-?), Lambert (1677-?), Marie-Francoise (1679-?), Claude (1682-?) (m. Genevieve Mirambeau in 1729), Michel (1685-?), Pierre Hertel de Moncour (1687-1739) (m. Marie-Therese Daillebout in 1721), Marguerite-Therese (1690-1722) (m. Jean Bte.Boucher in 1710).
     Francois was captured by Mohawk warriors, tortured and adopted by a family of that tribe for two years, when he escaped back to Canada. In 1690 he organized three war parties into the British colonies, leading the party of 25 Canadian (also warriors of allied tribes) on an attack at Salmon Falls, NH. Reaching the target on 27th of March, they killed 42 English and took 54 prisoners. While on there return journey they were persued by a British party which led to an action inwhich his nephew (Louis Crevier) was killed.]
     Francois had assisted in the construction of Fort Frontenac in 1673 and was the French military commander at Fort Frontenac from 1709 to 1712. He and his son's were known for their many brutal attacks on the English colonies.

Jean Bte.Hertel de Rouville: (1668 - 1722)
     Jean was the son of Francois (Joseph) Hertel & Marguerite de Thavenet, born at Trois Rivieres,Quebec. Jean married 1st.Jeanne Dubois at Trois-Rivieres in 1698 & Marie-Anne Beudoin at Quebec in 1708, their children were; Jean Bte. (b.1709), Francois-Antoine (b.1715), Anne-Francoise (b.1716), Jacques-Michel (b.1719) & Rene-Ovide (b.1720)(m.Charlotte Babrielle Jarrot de Vercheres in 1767).
     Jean Sr. was knighted (Chevalier de Saint-Louis) & obtained the commission to Captain in 1713. He became known as the "Sacker of Deerfield" due to his raid on that English settlement in 1704.

Pierre Hertel de Moncours: (1687 - 1739)
     He was the son of Francois (Joseph) Hertel & Marguerite de Thavenet, born at Trois Rivieres,Quebec. Pierre married Marie-Therese-Judith D'Ailleboust in 1721 and their daughter was Jean-Pierre (b.1722, Montreal), Marie-Marguerite-Therese (b.1724, Montreal), Paul-Etienne (b.1727, Montreal), Louise (b. 1731, Montreal), Judith-Francoise (b.1733, Montreal), Francois-Xavier (b.1735, Montreal), Pierre (b.1738, Montreal),
     Pierre was the French military commander at the post at Green Bay (Wisconsin) in 1734 but was recalled back east because of his disputes with the fur-traders.

Pierre-Joseph Hertel, sieur de Beaubassin: (1715 - ?)
     Pierre-Joseph was the son of Joseph Hertel de St.Francois & Catherine Philippe, born in Trois-Rivieres. He married Catherine-Madeleine Jarrot (daughter of Jean Bte.Jarrot, sieur de Vercheres & Madeleine Francoise d'Ailleboust de Manthet) in 1751. [Her father commanded the post at Green Bay in 1747].
     Pierre-Joseph followed in his families tradition and was a captain on a raid of Albany in 1756 during the King George's War. From 1756 to 1758 he was commander of the post of Lapointe (in today's northern Wisconsin) and sailed for France after the loss of Canada to the British.
Etienne-Francois Hertel de Saint Francois: (1734 - 1760)
     He was the son of Claude Hertel & Genevieve Mirambeau, born at Trois-Rivieres, St.-Maurice, Quebec.
Etienne was stationed at Michilimackinac and was killed in an action against the British near Lotbiniere, Quebec on 18th of July of 1760..

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