Louis Ducharme: (1684 - ?)
     He was the son of Louis Ducharme & Marie-Anne Mallet/Maillet, born at Montreal. Louis II married first to Marie Picard in 1715 and married second to Jeanne Pion in 1727 (Jeanne was the widow of Jean Serre). Louis II had two sons, Louis III (b.1717) (m. Francoise Jourdain in 1747) & Laurent (b.1723) (m. Marguerite-Amable Metivier-Groinier in 1753).
     Louis II was hired by Pierre de Lastage, for trading out of Green Bay in 1718 and by 1726 he was associated with Jean Bte. Reaume & Charles Nolan de LaMarque at the "poste de La Baye".  From 1736 to 1742 he was hiring voyageurs for Michilimackinac, 1743 to 1745 for "La Baye" and in 1751 for the "Islinois".

Laurent Ducharme: (1723 - ?)
     He was the son of Louis Ducharme & Marie Picard, born at Montreal. Laurent married Marguerite-Amable Metivier-Groinier (daughter of Barthelemi Metivier-Groinier & Marguerite Descaris) in 1753 and had a daughter named Marguerite (married Joseph Roy-Portelance at Caughnawaga in 1785).
     In 1754, Laurent hired Pierre Bourdon, Antoine Basinet, Joseph Janot dit Lachapelle, Philibert Sicard, Laurent Roy & Joseph Menard for Michel Makina to go to Michilimackinac. He continued [in the 1760's & 1770's he was licensed to trade out of La Baye] to hire voyageurs for Michilimackinac until 1771 than the next year is found hiring for "La Baye" & Millouaque (Mil8aqui). According to the Alexander Henry journal, Laurent was warning British commander Mj.Etherington of an attack on Michilimackinac before the "massacre" occurred at that post. In 1777 he was trading out of "Milwakee" and from 1785 to 1787, trading near the Winnebago village of Sarrochau.

Jean Marie Ducharme: (1723/34 - 1807)
     He was the son of Joseph-Jean Ducharme & Marie-Therese Trottier (or Jeanne Jarrot), born at LaChine, Quebec. Jean-Marie married Marie Roy (Trottier) at Lachine in 1761 and their children were: Joseph (b.wisc.), Paul (b.wisc.) & Dominique (b.wisc.).
     In 1761 (he was a cousin of Laurent Ducharme who was trading out of Michilimackinac at this time) Jean-Marie was living at Green Bay and in 1764 he was prosecuted with other traders at Niagara for selling ammo to the Indians.  In 1772 he was hiring voyageurs for the "Illinois" financed by Jacques Bernard, but by 1773 trading on the Missouri River (Spanish territory), arrested by the Spaniards and taken to St. Louis. In 1777 he was licensed (with brother Dominique) to trade out of Michilimackinac for Jean Orillat, two years later licensed for two canoes to Prairie du Chien and the following year led western warriors in a British attack on Spanish St. Louis.

Joseph (Col.) Ducharme:
     He was the son of Jean-Marie Ducharme & Marie Roy (Trottier). Joseph married Marie-Anne Parent (he also had children by a Menominee woman) and his children were: Joseph II (b.1782), Dominique (b.1783) & Louis (Okamawsah). Joseph died at Green Bay about 1831.