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Here at Whispering Pines we are dedicated to a Natural Diet raised American Akita in accordance with the AKC and FCI Standards. We believe the breed has one past but two separate futures. To see more about us, check out the links below.

While we are not doing any breeding or showing at the present time, I have in the past (prior to our move to the East Coast) served as a Akita Rescue "foster" home, and now in the East, we are again doing what we can, when we can, to help those Akitas dumped by their irresponsible owners. Before you consider getting an Akita puppy from a breeder, RESEARCH the breed, they are not for everybody. Once you have done your research, please consider a Rescue dog. The need is so very great, dogs are killed every day in shelters across the United States. Save a life, adopt a Rescue.

If you are interested in seeing some of the Freelance Articles that I have written on various Animal Humane issues please see my blog at: or see the following link for my business: Genealogy Publishing

Whispering Pines very own "Big Boy"
Taro's Photo Gallery

The new Akita Wannabe
History of the Breed
Positives to Owning an Akita
Unusual Facts about Akitas
Health Issues
AKC Standard
Akiho Standard
FCI Standard

One Akita breed or Two?
"The Split"

My favorite Akita Links

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