Joachim Sacquespee, sieur Gonnincourt de Voipreux: (1704 - ?)
     He was the son of Philippe Sacquespee (Chevalier de St.Louis) & Marguerite TroussonTroucon, born at Laval-Laonnois. Joachim married Louise-Catherine Trottier (daughter of Noel Trottier & Marguerite Fafard) on 9 nov.1725 in Longeuil and his second wife was Jeanne de Lorimnier (daughter of Guillaume de Lorimer & Marguerite Chorel). His children were: Marie-Marguerite (bap.1726, Batiscan), Philippe (bap.1728, Batiscan) & Louis (b.1729, Batiscan).
     In the summer of 1742 Joachim is an Ensign under the command of Paul Marin who leaves Joachim in command of Green Bay while Marin takes Western tribal representitve to Montreal for a peace council with Gov.Beauharnois in July of 1742 (See Wisc. Coll. XVII, 1906 for speeches). Attending the council were Sacred Born & Leaf Shooter, representing the Mdewakanton Dakota along with the Sauk, Fox, Menominee, Chippewa and Winnebago. The peace was short lived and due to preasures by the alliance of the Cree/Assiniboin from the north and the Ojibwe from the east the Dakota/Nakota migrate south & west.
     Mean while in april of that year French licenses to trade in the west were withdrawn and all posts were to be auctioned & leased as a monoply. The Green Bay lease was given to a Montreal firm for 8,100 livres (until 1746) which included much of the midwest.
     This year also La Verendrye sent his son's on a return visit to the Mandan tribe on the Missouri with instructions to explore the area west & south of there. In 1738 when La Verendrye first encountered this tribe he had found them to be a center of trade with goods (Spanish horses & cloth) from the southwest.
     By 3 sept.1742 Paul Marin returns to Green Bay taking charge of that post, but the next year he is in France and the trading rights are sold to Joseph de Fleury, sieur de La Gorgendiere with the command of Green Bay given to Paul-Louis Dazenard, sieur de Lusignan. What happen to Joachim is unknown.