Joseph de Fleury, sieur de Lagorgandiere: (1676-1755)
     He was the son of Jacques-Alexis de Fleury & Marguerite de Chauigny, born at Quebec. Joseph married Claire Jolliet (daughter of Louis Jolliet & Claire-Francoise Bissot) at Quebec in 1702. Their son was Joseph II (1709-1749) and a daughter, Charlotte-Ursule, was married to Joseph Marin de St.Martin.
     Joseph I obtained the trading rights for Green Bay in 1743.

Joseph de Fleury Deschambault: (1709-1749)
      He was the son of Joseph Fleury & Claire Jolliet and married Marie-Catherine Veron in 1738. Their daughter (Marie-Anne-Catherine) married first to Charles-Jacques Lemoine (m.1754) & second to William Grant (m.1770).

Louison Fleury: (abt.1780-1847)
     He married Josephte Belly (Gros Ventre), who was the daughter of Antoine Belly & a Cree woman. Their children were: Louis (b.1818)(m.Marguerite Trottier), Antoine (b.abt..1825)(m.Betsy Wilkie), Marie(b.1825), Joseph (b.1829)(m.Marie Thorne), Joseph (b.1832)(m.Madeleine Piche), Suzanne (b.1833)(m.Louis Sayer) & Patrice (b.1848)(m.Agathe Wilkey).