Nicolas Marchesseau: (1730's - ?)
     He was an independent trader on the Upper Mississippi River from Cahokia north (1760's-1790's). He was found at Michilimackinac, Mackinac Is., Prairie du Chien, St.Louis, Green Bay & Cahokia during this period of time. One source states that he came to the Upper Country in 1763 with Pierre Antaya (Peltier) and became an Independent trader at Michilimackinac & Prairie du Chien in partnership with Alexis Hamelin. During the 1770's he was a partner in the trade with James Grant out of Green Bay and in the 1780's in partnership with Richard Dobie. Nicolas built a house on Mackinac Is. (three years after the British military built the new fort there in 1780) and in 1806 he was reported to have sold his house on Mackinac Is. He has been mentioned as being related to Joseph Laroque, the Lamarche family, Pierre Grignon Sr. & Mrs.John Dousman.