Jean Bte. Cote: (1670 - 1736)
     He was the son of Jean Bte.Cotte & Anne Couture, born in Quebec. Jean married Francoise-Charlotte Choret (Charette)[daughter of Joseph Choret & Anne Loignon) in 1695 or 1696 and had the following children: Marie-Anne (1696-1757) (m.Gabriel Paradis in 1718), Jean Bte. (1697-?) (m.Genevieve Bernier in 1720), Gabriel (1698-bef.1765) ( Elizabeth Bernier in 1722 & Marie-Madeleine Lebel in 1740), Prisque (1701-?) (m.Ursule Bernier in 1720), Francoise (1704-1793) ( Jean Bte.Levesque & Ange Dion Guyon), Marie-Catherine (b.abt.1706) (m.Vincent Riou in 1731 at Rimouski), Marie-Agathe (b.1708) (m.Joseph Levesque about 1713), Pierre (1712-1796) ( Marie-Anne Lepage in 1735, Madeleine Miville dit Deschenes in 1748 & Marie-Scholastique Levasseur in 1775), Nicolas (abt.1696/1720-aft.1762) & Etienne (aft.1720-?).

Nicolas Cote: (abt.1696/1720 - aft.1762)
     He was the son of Jean Bte.Cote & Francois-Charlotte Charette, born about 1696/1720 in Quebec. He married  Marie-Claude Levaseur (daughter of Pierre LeVasseur & Marie-Elizabeth Michaud) in 1741 and had the following children: Gabriel (1742-1794), Marie-Joseph (1744-?) (m.Joseph Melancon in 1774), Genevieve (1746-?), Nicolas (abt.1746-?), Marie-Anne (b.1747), Honore-Michel (b.1748), Elizabeth (1749-?) (m.Louis Gastongue in 1767), Henri (b.abt.1750/53) (m.Judith Beaulieu in 1777), Pierre-Nicolas (b.1754) (m.Marie-Urule Saindon in 1779)  & Jean Bte. (1758-?) (m. Marguerite Thibodeau in 1778).

Gabriel Cote: (1742 - 1794)
     He was the son of Nicolas Cotte & Marie Levaseur, born at Kamouraska, Quebec. Gabriel married Agathe Desjardins-Roy at Ste.Anne, Michilimackinac in 1768 & married Angelique Blondeau (daughter of Jean Bte.Blondeau & Genevieve Anger) in 1783 at Montreal.
  From the records of the Parish of St. Anne's of the Lakes, at Michilimackinac:
"July 25, 1768, we, vicar-general of Illinois, in virtue of the powers vested in us
                            by monseigneur Briand, Bishop of Quebec, dated May 15, of the present
                            year, granted dispensation from the three publications of bans of marriage in
                            favor of the persons hereinafter named, to-wit; Gabriel Cote, trader, of this
                            post, son of Nicolas Cotte and of Marie le Vasteur, residing at camouraka;
                            and agathe Desjardins of this post. And, knowing no other impediment to the
                            said marriage, we received their mutual consent and gave them the mutual
                            benediction, according to the form prescribed by our mother the holy church,
                            to ratify and validate the consent the aforesaid parties had already given one
                            another on August 17, 1765, in the presence of several persons and in the
                            church, promising, as they could not do otherwise owing to there being no
                            priest, to take advantage of the arrival of the first one, to have their marriage
                            validated and thus legitimize a child born February 28, 1767, which they did
                            this day in the presence of Mr. Catin sargt and pierre Chaboiller, friends of the
                            husband; and of Sieur Jaques Gaisson and Dme Therese Campion wife of
                            pierre ignace DuBois, friends of the wife, all of whom, except the wife, signed
                            these presents first duly read.
                            GIBAULT, Vicar-general
     Their children were: Marianne (b.1767), Agathe, Pierre-Gabriel (b.1775), Marie-Catherine (m.Francois-Antoine Larocques), Marie-Josephte (m.Jules-Maurice Quesnel) & Lucy-Angelique (m.Alexis Laframboise).
     Gabriel went to the "Pays den Haut" in 1760 and was associated in the trade with Maurice-Regis Blondeau and John Grant from 1779 to 1785. This is probably the same Gabriel Cotte that hired Jacques Leveque for Michilimackinac in 1772.

Prisque Cote: (1730 - ?)
     He was the son of  Joseph Cote & Marie-Jeanne Roussin (daughter of Joseph Roussin & Anne Jacob), born in L'Ange, Quebec. Prisque married Marie-Magdelene Lefebvre in 1771 and their sons Prisque II (1772-1845), Antoine-Joseph (1776-?) & Louis (1779-?) were born in Detroit.

Louis Cote: (1734 - 1762)
     He was the son of  Joseph Cote & Marie-Jeanne Roussin (daughter of Joseph Roussin & Anne Jacob), born in L'Ange Gardien, Quebec. Louis married Marie-Anne Bisaillon at Laprairie, in 1749 [his sister Marie-Anne married Nicolas Roussin  in 1741]. He died at Detroit on 31 October 1762.

Joseph Cote: (1744 - 1803)
     He was the son of Charles Cote & Marie Genevieve Fiset, born at Lorette. He married at Assumption, Ontario Marie-Magdelene Martin dit St.Jean (daughter of Jean Martin & Therese Henault and widow of Jean Bte.Bertrand). They had sons, Joseph II (1782-1837) (m.Francoise Girard in 1810)& Pierre (b.1785) (m.Marie-Josephe Meloche). Joseph was buried at Sandwich on 11 March 1803.

Pierre Cotte:
     In 1796 a P.G.Cotte was hiring voyageur's for Michilimackinac.
     In 1799 a Pierre Cotte of Montreal was hired for "le Nord" by Parker, Gerrard & Ogilvy.
     In 1804 a Pierre Cotte of St.Martin-Queenston was hired by McTavish & Frobisher (North West Co).
     From 1806 to 1840 a Pierre Cotte was employed at first in the North West Co's Fond du Lac Department than later for the American Fur Co. in the same Department.
     About 1845 a Pierre Cotte died at L'Anse.

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