Biauswah I:
     He was a Ojibwe Chief of a village about 40 miles west of Lapointe in the late 1600's.

Biauswah II:
     He was the principle Chief of an Ojibwe villages, at Sandy Lake & opposite the mouth of the East Savanna River in Minnesota. William Warren reports the oral history of Biauswah II being captured as a youth by the Fox and whose father traded his life for his son's. During the 1730's Biauswah II, led attacks on the Dakota at Sandy Lake who were forced south due to attacks from the Ojibwe & the Cree of the north. Biauswah's son Broken Tooth (Kahdawaubeda) later becomes Chief at Sandy Lake.

Kadowaubeda//Broken-Tooth/DeBreche: (abt.1750-1828)
     He was the son of Biauswah II and married to Obenegeshipequag. His son's were Mongozid (Loons-Foot), Kahnindumawinjo/Kanandawawinzo & Sugutaugun and daughter's Charlotte (married Charles Oakes Ermitinger), Nancy(Keneesequa) (b.1793)(married Samuel Ashmun Jr.1822/23) & daughter (married Hole in the Day).
     As a youth (the French called him Breche) he was at the taking of Michilimackac by the Ojibwe in 1763, in an attempt to drive the British from there lands. By 1805 Breche was the principle/civil Chief at Sandy Lake when Pike arrived on his American "discovery" mission to the source of the Mississippi River. In 1837 Breche was at Ft.Snelling for Treaty negotiations.
     He was the son of Kadowaubeda and from 1825 to 1847, Chief of the Fond du Lac band of Ojibwe.

Kahnindumawinjo/Kanandawawinzo/Le Brocheux:
     He was the son of Kadowaubeda and was Chief of Sandy Lake Ojibwe from 1837 to 1852.

     He was the son of Kadowaubeda and was taken prisoner at Cross Lake as a child by the Dakota (still living with them in1852).