Samuel Ashmun Jr.: (b.1799, Champlain, N.Y.-d.1866, Sault Ste.Mare)
Samuel was the son of Samuel Sr. & Parthenia Raymond of Champlain, New York. He arrived in the Lake Superior region as a clerk for American Fur Co. in 1818, joining (for 5 years) the company in Montreal with John H. Fairbanks (1798-1880) who was also from Champlain. They both began their employment with AFC in William Morrison's (1785-1866) Fond du Lac Dept., wintering at Leech Lake. Samuel married Nancy (Keneesequa) at Sault Ste.Marie in 1827, she was the daughter of Brooken Tooth (Kadowanbeda/de Breche) (abt.1750-1828) who was the Ojibwe Chief at Sandy Lake at that time. The marriage gave him family ties to Hole-in-the Day, Loon's Foot (Mongozid), Kahnindumawinso & Charles Oakes Ermitinger. Samuel & Nancy had seven children together, living  in the Fond du Lac,  Folle Avoine & Lac du Flambeau Departments of AFC. By 1851 he was at Sault Ste. Marie.