MICHEL ACCAULT:  (b.unknown - d. 1702)
     Michel was also known as Ako, Acau, Dacan & d'Acau. He arrived in New France 1665 or 1666. In 1673 he settled at Beauport, near Quebec. By 1680 Michel becomes involved in the expansion of New France which would change the direction of his own life.
     In the winter of 1678/79 Daniel Greysolon, sieur de L'hut ("Du luth") was implementing his plans for the western expansion of trade through the Great Lakes region, after given permission to trade on Lake Superior by Governor Frontenac. In the spring of 1678 Rene Cavelier, sieur de La Salle was in France and received from the King, authority to "...work at discovering the western parts...". By the winter of 1679/80 he was expanding New France to the south of Du Luth and with him was Michel Accault.
     On 5 jan.1680 the La Salle exploration party arrives on the shores of Lake Peoria on the Illinois River & builds Fort Crevecoeur, overlooking the Lake. On 29 feb.1680 La Salle sends Michel Accault, with Antoine Auguelle (Picard du Gay) and Recollect Missionary Father Louis Hennepin on a voyage of discovery, down the Illinois River than up the Mississippi River. La Salle wrote later of the mission, "...I caused it (Mississippi R.) to be ascended by a canoe, conducted by two of my men, one named Michael Accault, and the other Picard, whom the Rev.Father Louis Hennipen joined,... The said Michael Accault, was tolerably versed in their languages and manners. He knew all their customs and was esteemed by several of these nations among whom I had already sent him, where he succeeded completely. He is moreover prudent, brave and cool..."
     On 11 apr.1680 Accault's party met a war party of 120 Dakota (led by Narrhetoba & Aquipaquestin) who took them to their village of Lake Mille Lacs. On 25 jul.1680 Du Luth & four of his men meet Father Hennipen, who is with a Dakota buffalo hunting party 220 leagues south of  Mille Lacs village. Du Luth & Hennipen arrive back at the Mille Lacs village on 14 aug.1680 and by winter Hennipen is escorted back east by Du Luth to winter at Michilimackinac. Michel Accault was said to have remained in Dakota country.
     Michel Accault apparently gained some wealth & influence by the 1690's, for by 19 apr.1692 he had become a partner of Francois Dauphin de La Forest buying half his interest in the fur trade. Than in 13 sep.1693 La Forest, Tonti & Accault purchase goods for the trade from Charles Juchereau de St.Denis, who later becomes La Forest's brother-in-law.
About 1690 Michel married Aramepinchone, the daughter of  the Illinois Chief Rouensa, she was also known as Marie  Rouensa (b.abt.1677 at Kaskaskia & d. 25 jun.1725). She may be the same person referred to as Marie Pinchieoua, thought to be Michels 2nd wife, married 1693/94 and daughter of a Kaskaskia Chief. Michel is said also to have married Marie Suzanne in 1701 at Kaskaskia but whether she was a 3rd wife or whether all Marie's are one in the same is questionable.