Alphonse de Tonty (Tonti) de Paludy:
Alphonse was born in 1650 (his father Lorenzo de Tonti fled Italy for France) and died 10 nov.1727 at Detroit (brother of Henri). He married first on 17 feb.1689, Anne Picotte de Belestre (of Montreal) and had eight children, one of which (Marie-Josephe) was baptised 27 may 1713 in Montreal & married in 1760 to a Pierre. On 3 may 1717 in Montreal Alphonse married Marie-Anne Lamarque - children from this union I have no info on. As early as 10 may 1890 Alphonse was hiring men for the Illinois country when he hired Pierre Le Boeuf for the voyage. In 1701 he was associated with Cadillac in the founding of his Detroit settlement & trading center. By 1717 he became the Commander at Detroit and in aug. of 1727 the Hurons of Detroit are in Montreal complaining to Beauharnois of Tonty as Commander of Detroit. Alphonse & Henri were said to have been cousins of Daniel Greysolon Du Luth & his brother La Tourette and also either a cousin or uncles to Pierre de Liette.
 Henri de Tonty: