Charles Juchereau, sieur de St.Denis/Denys de Beaumarchis: (1655-1703)
Charles was the son of Nicolas Juchereau de St.Denis de Beauport & M.Therese Giffard. In 1692 he married Denise-Catherine Migeon Bransac, who after his death married Louis Lienard de Beaujeu in 1704. His sisters were married to Francois Viennay-Pachot, Francois Dauphin de LaForest, Francois Pollet, sieur de LaCombe LaPocatiere, Pierre Aubert, sieur de Gaspe & Jean Francois Fortune d'Auteuil. Charles children were: Marie Catherine (b.1693, m.1727 to Jean Bte.Rene LeGardeur de Repentigny); Daniel; Joseph-Charles; louise-Anne-Therese & Philippe.
Charles in  1691 was commissioned at Lieutenant and by 1692 was supporting western fur-trade. He had loaned money to the trade ventures of Simon Reaume, Pierre d'Ailleboust, Jacques Boyer, Tonty & LaForest.  Charles sister, Francoise, had been also involved in the western trade. From 1693 to 1702 held the title of Judge for the District of Montreal. In 1702 Charles was sent [granted the concession in the Ohio Valley by the King of France] to establish a fort at the mouth of the Ohio River (Ouabache) (the site of todays Cairo, Ill.) as a part of New Frances plan of expansion. That plan had sent Cadillac the year before to establish Detroit and d'Iberville three years earlier to the mouth of the Mississippi River. Charles route (with Rev.Jean Mermet, eight canoe and about thirty-two men)[the men included were: Charles Denu Detaillis, Nicolas Laberge, Paul Teyssier, Francois Legardeur de Mutrecy, Nicolas Lemoyne, sieur de Leau, Alexis Legay, Gabriel Philippe, sieur de Manteville, Pierre Cardinal, Paul Groust & Francois Marie Bouet] in the spring of 1702 encluded Michilimackinac, Green Bay, Wisconsin River & the Mississippi River. Charles had plans to develop a buffalo tannery in the west but died before it became successful and after his death Sieur de St.Lambert takes command of the post. Shortly after establishing the post at the mouth of the Ohio, d'Eraque (Pierre LeSueur's commander at the fort he established on the Blue Earth River in todays Minnesota) and his twelve remaining men arrive, after abandoning LeSueur's fort due to attacks by the Fox which killed three of his men. On his way south, d'Eraque met Juchereau with thirty-five men at the mouth of the Ouisconsin.

Louis Juchereau dit St.Denis/Denys: (1676-1744)
Louis was the son of Nicolas Juchereau de St.Denis de Beauport & M.Therese Giffard. He was also the brother of Charles. Louis married at Presido del Norte, Mexico, Marie Emanuelle Sanche-Ramon de Navarro in 1715 (dau. of Diego Ramon)  Louis' children were: Louisa (b.abt.1716-d.1741), Marie Rose (b.abt.1717-d.1737), Louis-Charles (b.abt.1720-d.1778), Marie Delores Simone (b.abt.1722), Marie Petronella Feliciana (b.abt.1724-d.1779), Marie (1734-1781) & Pierre-Antoine (1740-1782).
In 1700 Louis is at the mouth of the Mississippi River with d"Iberville. In 1713 he is exploring the Red River of the south and established the fort of Nitchitoches on the Red R. He was sent to Mexico to establish at trade route to the Spainish. In 1719 he led a siege on the Spanish post of Pensacola. Louis was defending his Natchitoches Post from a Natchez & Chickasaw attack in October of 1731.

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