Daniel Lamont: (1798/99 - 1837)
     He was the son of Colin Lamont Sr. & Jane Smith of Greenock, Scotland, baptized on 24 April 1798 at Greenock. He married 1st.to Hushes ("The Night") (daughter of Dakota Lake Calhoun Band Chief, Cloudman) before 1824 and married 2nd.to Margaret [he was the son-in-law of Markpeemanee / "Walking-Cloud" who was an "old" Sisseton Chief in 1824], his children were: Jane (m.Moses J.Titus in 1867), Colin & Charles.
     Daniel was working on Lord Selkirk's Red River Colony, but about January of 1817 returned home to Scotland by a Hudson Bay ship. He was back on the Red River in 1820/21, trading for the Hudson Bay Co.and in 1821/22 at Lac Traverse with Robert Dickson, Joseph Renville, Kenneth McKenzie & William S.Laidlow, where he co-founded the Columbia Fur Company. He was at St.Louis, where he apparently resided,  in June of 1822 when he filed his intention of becoming a citizen of the United States. In 1826 he was at Fort Factory at the mouth of the Minnesota River and in the Upper Missouri Outfit the next year. In 1832 he was at Fort Tecumseh (Ft.Pierre) on the Missouri River, but in 1835 he quit the Upper Missouri Outfit.
     The following is from his Will & Testament which he wrote at Fort Pierre on the Missouri in November of  1834: "...First I direct that in event of my dying in the Civilized World or at any of the Establishments of the Upper Missouri Outfit of which I am at present a Member my Body shall be Committed to its Mother Earth from whence it came with decency but no Parade; and with the usual forms of the Scotch Presbyterian Church in which I was Baptised and in infancy reared, tho' agreeably to the interpretation of its tenates in Missouri I cannot be a Member thereof: And as to such Worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to Intrust me with I dispose of the same as follows...I further direct that the Sum of Two Thousand Dollars shall be paid by my Executors to my much esteem'd Friend William Laidlaw at present one of associates in business out of the first Moneys accruing from my interest in the Upper Missouri Outfit...And I do hereby make and ordain my much esteem'd friends Pierre Chouteau Jr. and George Collier Esquires of St.Louis aforesaid Executors of this my Will and testament..."