Robert Dickson (Mascotapah or "Red-Hair Man"):  (abt.1768 - 1823)
     He was the oldest son of John Dickson & Helen Wight, born at Dumfries, Scotland. Robert's wife was Helen or Totowin (daughter of Chief Wanoti & sister of Nakota Chief Red Thunder) and their children were: William (b.1798/1801)( a part Ojibwe woman & 2nd. to a Yankton woman), Helen (Ellen) (1808-1884)( Joseph R.Brown & Moses Arconge), Thomas (1812-abt.1833) & Mary (Marie) (b.1814)( Henry Ange).
     Robert and his brothers (William & Thomas) were brought to North America to assist there cousin, Robert Hamilton, with his British government contracts & the fur trade. He was employed by the British Indian Department at Mackinac Is. in the 1780's which allowed him to become acquainted with the trade in the Upper Mississippi. By the beginning of the War of 1812 he was one of the most influential traders in that region. During the war he was placed in charge or the British Indian Department for the Western Tribes, due to his influence in the area of the Great Lakes and to the west. He died at Drummond Is. on the 20th of June in 1823.