James Stanley Goddard: (1730's/40's - ?)
     He may have been related to the Goddard's (English), who were early settlers in Maine/Massachusetts/Connecticut/New York or may be descendent from the early Godard dit Lapointe (French) family of Quebec. In Jonathan Carver's journal, James is mentioned as being a trader from Montreal and Alexander Henry names Goddard as one of the English traders (along with Ezekiel Solomon & Henry Bostwick) at Michilimackinac when he arrived in the summer of 1761.
     He arrived at Green Bay (Fort La Baye) with the British garrison (commanded by Captain Henry Balfour) on 12 October 1761 (remained there until 1763). James was appointed the secretary of  a detachment sent by Major Robert Rogers (British Commander at Michilimackinac) with the duties of  keeping a journal of the expedition to "discover" the River Ourigan and the North West Passage. He left Michilimackinac on the 17th of September in 1766 and wintered at/near the old French post (1753) on the Turkey River near Prairie du Chien. In May he was at Prairie du Chien with Captain James Tute (who was born in Hardwick, Mass. in 1738, who was wintering at the Jaune/Yellow River and died in the west of smallpox 1781/82). They were part of an expedition that were to assemble there, sent by Rogers to explore the far west. Other members of the party were: Capt. Jonathan Carver (cartographer - wintered on the Minnesota River 1766/67), Andrew Stewart, William Bruce (of Montreal - on the Illinois r.in 1764 and died of smallpox in 1781/82), Joseph Reaume (interpreter - from Green Bay), Charles Gautier de Verville (interpreter), Augustin Ange (married daughter of Dakota Chief Wabasha), Gabriel Loring & Lorange.

                      The following is the expeditions route:
12 May 1767 - the party leaves Prairie du Chien (up the Mississippi) with Acopewine (war Chief of the Lac Court Orelles village of Ojibwe) as their guide.
29 May 1767 - on the Mississippi River at the mouth of the Chippewa River ["...held a council what road to take as our pilot [Acopewine] was a Chippawa and the other road [up the Mississippi] must have past us thro the Soux country, who have a perpetual war together; we concluded it the safest way to proceed up this river..." Goddard's Journal]
22-29 June 1767 - at Lac Court Oreilles village ["...This town consists of 60 warriors; the chiefs of the town are Andickweas, Megose and Ochick...they live in continual fear, being so near the Soux nation..." Goddard's Journal]
12 July 1767 - the party reached Fond du Lac.
19 July-8 August 1767 at Grand Portage.
2 August 1767 -Francois La Blanc arrives at Grand Portage f rom Michilimackinac (enroute to Forts Dauphin & Des Prairies) with letter from Mj.Rogers, informing them that no supplies were to arrive (but they were to continue west) - they decided to give up the expedition and return to Michilimackinac.
29 August 1767 arrived at Michilimackinac.
6 November 1767 Goddard & Reaume arrive at John Hall, Johnstown, New York where they meet with Sr.William Johnson.

James Stanley Goddard: (? - ?)
     He married Catherine Campbell (b.1792, New Johnstown, Ontario). Catherine's father was Alexander Campbell (1734-1800) who was a Tory from Schnectady, New York. He later relocated to Montreal, Charlottenburg (Ontario) and finally at New Johnston, Ontario (he died in Montreal). Alexander son's John Duncan Campbell (1773-1835) & Colin Campbell (1787-1853), were involved in the fur trade in the west. Catherine was also married to Henry Francois Oriel.