Descaris / Descarrie / Decarry / des Carrie / Decorah / Decarri / Dekaury / Dekouri / Decory / Descarry / Decarrie / Decorie / Decora / Decaris / Dekauri / Decarie are some of the different surname forms found of the family.

Joseph (Sabrevois/Sabrevoie/Sabrevoir) Descarrie/Decaris/Descaris/des Carrie:
     He was a French Officer, probably at Green Bay, Michilimackinac or Detroit when (or before) he married the daughter of  Winnebago Chief (Nawkaw/Carrymaunee/"Walking Turtle"). He was married to Hopockaw/Hopoekaw/"Coming of the Dawn"/"Glory of the Morning" in 1729 and their children were:
1) Choukeka/Chaukaka/Chooghega ("The Ladle" or "Spoon Decora") (abt.1725-1836),
2) "The Frenchman"
3) Tcap-O-Sgaga (or "White Throat")
4) "Buzzard Decorah" (abt.1727-?)
     Jonathan Carver on his was to Prairie du Chien, on 25 September 1766, stopped at the Winnebago village on Doty Is.(on the Fox River) where he found the widow (Hopockaw) of  Joseph a Chief of the village. He names "de Kaury" as being wounded in a battle with the British at Quebec and who died of his wounds at Montreal (abt.1760). This village on Doty Is. "...contained 50 houses surronded by palisades...".

Choukeka/Chaukaka/ Choo-ghe-ga ("The Ladle" or "Spoon Decora"): (1725 - 1816)
     He was the son of Joseph Sabrevois Descaris & Hopockaw born on Doty Is., Wisconsin. He married "Fight of Geese" (daughter of Winnebago Chief Carrimoni/Carrymaunee/Nawkaw/"Walking Turtle") and their children were:
1) Waukonhawkaw/Schachipkaka/White War Eagle/White Eagle/Gray Eagle/Konoka Decorah/Old Grey Headed
     Decorah/Waukon Decora (abt.1747-1836) [1825 Prairie du Chien treaty]
2) Chau-Wau-Kau / Eechauwaukak(or Marie Decarri/DeKaury)  married Perishe/Perriche/Perrish Grignon
    (abt.1770-abt.1840) in 1823.
3) Mah-Na-Tee-See (or Therese Decorah) (m.1st. Jean Lecuyer, m.2nd. Augustine Grignon and m.3rd.Michel
4) "Spoon Decorah" [1832 Winnebago Chief]

Waukonhawkaw (White Eagle/Konoka Decorah/Old Decorah/Waukon Decora): (abt.1747-1836)
     He was the son of "The Ladle" (Choukeka) & "Flight of Geese", born near Portage, Columbia Co., Wisconsin. He married and had the following children:
1) "Tall Decora"
2) "Little Decora" (Maw-He-Coo-Sha-Na-Zhe-Kaw or "He Stands With His Head Reaching The Clouds")

Chah-Post-Kaw-Kaw / "Buzzard Decorah": (abt.1727 - ?)
     He was the son of Joseph Sabrevois Descaris & Hopockaw born on Doty Is., Wisconsin. He married and had a son:
1) "One-Eyed Decora"

One-Eyed Decora:  (abt.1772 - ?)
     He was the son of Buzzard Decorah, born near Neceedah, Wisconsin. He married in 1832 at Doty Is. He apparently had a son:
1) One-Eyed Decora II (born abt. 1812 at Ft.Mackinaw, Wisconsin.

Wineshiek I / Ma-wah-re-gah / Mawaraga: (abt.1770/77 - ?)
     He was born near Neceedah, Juneau Co., Wisconsin. He had four wives, one of which was Wakopeenewega (sister of Winnebago prophet "White Cloud"). He had two sons:
1) Winneshiek II / Wa-kan-ja-ko-ga / "Coming Thunder" (abt.1812-?)
2) "Short Wing" (abt.1820-?)

Mor-ah-tshay-kaw / "The Traveler" / "Little Priest": (? - 1882)
     He was the Chief to the Lake Koshkonong (Wisconsin) village in 1829. He had a son:
1) Hoonk-hoo-no-kaw / "Little Chief" / Little Priest II / "Little Chief" (?-1866) [1846 treaty]