Louis Lienard, sieurs de Beaujeu & de Villemonde: (1716-1802)
He was the son of Louis Beaujeu & Denise-Catherine (Therese) Migeon-Bransac (m.1706). Louis Jr. married Louise-Charlotte Cugnot in 1747 than in 1753 married Genevieve Lemoine de Longueuil (daughter of Paul-Joseph Lemoine & M.Genevieve Joibert). He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1744 and Captain in 1751. From 1752 to 1760 he commanded Fort Michilimackinac and when France surrendered North America to the British withdrew his troops down the Mississippi River, leaving Charles de Langlade in command of the Fort to turn it over to the British upon there arrival.

Daniel-Hyacinthe-Marie de Beaujeu:
Daniel was the brother of Louis Lienard (1716-1802) and married Michelle-Elisabeth Foucault in 1737. In June of 1755 he arrived at Fort Duquesne to take command from Contrecoeurs. He led an attack on Braddock's approaching force with Capt.Dumas, Capt.Ligneris & a force of 800-900 French/Native. He was killed in this Battle of Monongahela ("Braddock's Defeat").