Darren & Sandy's Cyberportal is closing. I changed ISP and it's difficult to find this kind of web hosting now. I will continue to search for a new way to share the gardening information I maintained here, probably using the name "Darren's Hortus."

Thanks for using this site for the past 15 years!


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Directories Dictionaries Disinformation.com The Virtual Reference Desk
Renee & Steve's restaurant reviews

U of Texas Map collection

About.com Debunking internet misinformation and urban legends. Break the Chain debunks armchair activist chainletters. Mpls-St Paul Metro Transit

n0flq twin cities traffic cameras

Geek Links@Cyberportal


Wikipedia--free, open-source on-line encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Britannica

National Gallery of Art in D.C.

Anders Sandburg's Links

On-Line Gallery Turning the Pages-Great Books On-Line: scans of old, old books & scrolls. Beautiful!

Interesting Links Handprint: A great home page

The Visible Human Project

Dead People Server: Is he alive or dead? and other interesting links.
Photomontage interactive web art

Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health  

Bert Christensen's Art Gallery Links

Princeton's Noosphere Global Consciousness Project

Snarg--interactive flash lavalamp & techno mix device.  Cool
Larry Carlson's animations

Fly Guy--politically correct psuedo-buddhist video game featuring Flash MX

Minneapolis Past & Present interesting photographic site at James Lilek's site Professor Douglas O Linder's faculty web site--really interesting, provocative & extensive.  See also his Famous Trials page


Bad Movies.org--entertaining reviews of bad sci-fi and horror films. Excellent resources for those so inclined.

Freedom from Religion Foundation--Critical thought on religion.     Authentic History--American pop-culture tells our stories Mike Timonin & Cindy Duhe postmodern tarot poetry reading
Dollspace--politically oriented hypertext art projects

abuddhas memes -- holovisionary wanderings & contextual infofilter

don't miss the fun @ the curio cabinet Gijin.com dynamic artwork by Brandon Harris (darkly beautiful) 

Joseph Dobrian: A Man in Full entertaining arrogant freelance writer/neopagan.

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Weather entire USA and Mpls/St Paul NØFLQ Radar Images everything for Minnesota Pressure and Fronts meteograms 15 day forecast
Measured Precipiation Measured Low Temps Measured High Temps Institute for Global Environment and Society
IRI/LDEO Global Climate Data Library     Breathing Earth: global earthquake imaging


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