Benito Vasquez: (1738 - 1810)
     He was the son of Francisco Vasquez & Marie De La Ponte, born in Galacia, Spain. Benito married Marie-Julie Papin (daughter of Pierre Papin Dit Baronet & Catherine-Marguerite-Madeline Guichard) at St.Louis, Missouri in 1774. Their children were: Felicite (b.1775) (m.Antoine Roy in 1792), Julie (1777-1832) (m.Louis Chatillon-Coignard), Benito II (1779-1847) (m.Clarissa Lafevre in 1814), Francois-Xavier (abt.1782-1782), Antoine-Francois (1783-1828) (m.Emilie Faustin dit Parent in 1814), Joseph (1786-1848) (m.Marie-Louise Hebert dit Lacompte in 1816), Victorire (1787-1867) (m.Isaac Septlivres in 1814), Marie-Antoinette (1790-1791), Hypolyte (1792-1837) (m.Marie-Therese Lajeunesse in 1817), Celeste (1794-1824) (m.Vincent Bouis), Catherine-Eulalie (1795-1876) (m.John or James Stotts in 1829 and also m.Jacques Martin)  & Pierre-Louis (1798-1868) (m.Narcissa Burdette Land about 1846).
    Benito was in the Infantry of Leon in 1762 and he arrived in St.Louis (Spanish owned) in 1769 with the Spanish army. He resigned from the military in 1772 to enter the fur trade (in 1784 he was a captain in the St.Louis Militia) and in September of 1773 is given a land grant in St.Louis by Spanish Lt.Gov.Piernas. In 1807 he was at the Mandan village on the Missouri with Manuel Lisa, having problems with the Blackfeet.

Antoine-Francois (Baronet) Vasquez: (1783 - 1828)
     He was the son of Benito Vasquez & Marie-Julie Papin, born in St.Louis, Missouri. Antoine married Emilie Faustin dit Parent in 1814.
     Antoine was the interpreter for Zebulon Pike's expedition.