James "Jacques" Sterling (abt.1735 - aft.1775)

He was "keeper of the King's revenues", surveyor of the district, military store keeper, merchant & interpreter at Detroit. In 1759 he was at Oswego, New York as Commissary of Provisions for the British Army. Then in 1761 he was a New York merchant at Detroit competing with Montreal merchants in the fur trade. In 1777 he left Detroit and by 1779 was found living in London, England. James married Angelica Cuillerier dit Beaubien (daughter of Antoine Cuillerier & Angelique de Lecelle Gerard) in 1761-65 and their children were James (b.1765 Detroit), Angelica (b.1771 Detroit & Pierre-Francois (b.1775 Detroit).


William Sterling (1751 - 1825)

He was at Detroit from 1773 to 1777, where he married Agatha-Francoise Chene dit Labutte (1751-1825) (daughter of Pierre Chene & Marie-Anne Cuillerier) in 1773. Their children were: Pierre-Wm. (b.1774 Detroit), Jean Bte. (b.1775), Charles (b.1776), James (b.1778) & Marie (b. abt.1780 Detroit). William died in River Thames, Canada.


Capt.Thomas Sterling

On 10 October 1765 he arrived with troops at Fort de Chartres, from Fort Pitt, to take possession of the fort from the French commander, Capt.Louis St.Ange.