Joseph Robidoux I :
Joseph was the son of Guillaume Robidoux & Marie Francoise Guerin (m.1697), born 20 march 1701 in Montreal. He married (1st.) to Marie Anne Fonteneau in 1721, (2nd.) to Marie Louse Robert in 1735. His sons were Joseph Robidoux II & Jean Bte.Robidoux (b.1727).

Joseph Robidoux II :
Joseph was the son of Joseph I & Marie Anne Foneneau, born in 1722 at Longueuil/Lapraire, Quebec. He married Marie Anne Leblanc (Lebeauce) in 1749. He was a shoemaker by trade and moved to St.Louis, Mo. about 1770. Joseph II died in St.Louis 13 sept.1771.

Joseph Robidoux III :
Joseph was the son of Joseph II & M.Anne Leblanc, born in 1750 in Quebec. He married Marie Catherine Rollet dit Laderoute in 1782 (after his death she married Victor LaGoterie).

Joseph Robidoux IV :
Joseph was the son of Joseph III & M.Catherine Rollet, born in 1783 in St.Louis, Mo. He married (1st.) Eugene de Lisle in 1800 and (2nd.) to Angelique Vaudry in 1813. Joseph IV died in 1868.
Joseph IV grew up in St.Louis and in 1799 was on his way up the Missouri River. In 1803 he was at Ft.Dearborn (Chicago, Ill.). From 1809 to 1822 he had a post at Council Bluffs, Ia. In 1826 he established at post at Blacksnake Hills (St.Joseph, Mo.) for the American Fur Co. and from 1830 to 1843 traded out of this post as an independent trader.

Joseph F. Robidoux V :
Joseph was the son of Joseph IV & Eugene deLisle, born in 1800-01 in St.Louis, Mo.