Antoine Pinchon Gregare/Giguiere: (; d.after 1773):
     Antoine was a French soldier in Illinois country until he deserted in the 1740's and lived with the tribes on the Missouri until the British took control of the Midwestern region. He was living with the Dakota when Alexander Henry placed him incharge of his Sioux trading venture. On 26 June 1748 a Penichon Giguiere is given 60 livres by Jacques Legardeur (Fort Michilimackinac commander) for giving an Indian a rifle.
     About 11 oct. 1766 Jonathan Carver met Pinchon at the Fox-Wisc.Portage & recorded an account by Pinchon of a man of the Menomonie Nation, whom he lost a wager to, betting that he could not get his rattlesnake [which he "treated as a Deity; calling it his Great Father, and caring it with him in a box wherever he went."] to return to the box in May (having given the snake his liberty in October}. Some years later Peter Pond ran into the same character at the Portage.
     It appears Antoine's children by a Dakota woman were Wayagoenagee (see below) & Hazahotewin who became the wife of trader Duncan Graham or Hohayteedah (1770/72 - 1847).

Penichon II/ Wayagoenagee/"Good Roads":  (b.abt.1789; d.after 1805):
     Chief of the Mdewakantons at the Titankatanni village, about 8-9 miles above the mouth of the Minnesota River.
In 1805 Z.Pike met whom he called "le Fils de Penichon", who was the metis son of a French trader by that name.

Penichon III/Takopepeshene/"Dauntless": (b.unkown; d. 1833):

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