Pierre Passerat de La Chapelle: (1734-1805)
Pierre arrived in Quebec on May 1756 and soon after sent to Ft.Duquesne where he participated in attacks on English forts on the Potomac and battles with the English led by Mj.James Grant & Gen.John Forbes. In 1759 he was Bellestre's second in command at Detroit. In Sept.1760 he was on his way east from Detroit with 200 men to assist in the defense of Canada when he turned back due to the defeat of the French in the east. He wintered at a stockade (Ft.Ottawa) he constructed, nearly opposite the site of "old" Fort St.Louis on the Illinois River. An Illinois Chief visited Pierre at Ft.Ottawa who had a wood plaque with the words, "We, Cavellier de LaSalle, representing His Majesty, the King of France declare in his name a fair & perpetual alliance with the nation of the Illinois. Cavellier de LaSalle". In Dec.1760, de Clignancourt arrived at Ft.Ottawa with orders for him to report to Ft.de Chartres, from de Beaujeu (who was wintering in the area and former commander at Michilimackinac and who had also retreated from his command and on his way to New Orleans with his troops). Pierre arrived at Ft.Chartres only to find de Neyon de Villiers, the commander there accusing him of desertion. Pierre eventually delivered his command to New Orleans on 20 Apr.1761.