Joseph Montreuil Sr.:
     There are many possible variations to Joseph's surname, such as; Montreille, Montreville, Mountrell, Montre, etc... The name of Sedillot may also be associated with Joseph's family as with Jean Montreuil Sedillot who married in Quebec in 1689. This Joseph Montreuil was born in Montreal in 1752 and lived in both Mendota & Prairie du Chien, married to a Dakota woman. He may have been  the same Joseph Montreuil that  in 1772-73 worked for Maurice Blondeau at Grand Portage, in 1804 on the Riviere du Sauteux for the Northwest Co. and on the Chippewa R. for NWCo. in 1805-06.

Joseph Montreuil Jr.:
     Joseph was the son of the above, born 1804-08 in Prairie du Chien and married about 1825 to "Abba" (b.abt.1815 Mn. - d. before 1855). Joseph's children (all born in Minnesota) were: Charles (b.abt.1832), Louis (b.abt.1834), Mary (b.abt.1836), Susan (b.1837-44 Lac Traverse), Larent (b.1839-40) & Josette.

Joseph Montreville:
     This individual was born about 1808 at Pembina and married Isabelle Mijigisi (Bottineau). They had the following children; Joseph, Isabelle, Alexis, Jean Bte., Julie, Margaret, Marie, Alexandre, Madelaine, Francois, Eleanore & Francoise. It is unknown if the similar names are connected.

Joseph Montreuil:
     This Joseph was hired at Montreal by Monsieur Rigault de Vaudreuil for La Baye (Green Bay, Wis.) along with Pierre Lemieux & Francois Houle.

Joseph Montre:
     This individual was born in 1805, the son of a Joseph Montre & a Dakota woman. Joseph married first a Dakota woman named Toyahta, a Dakota woman, than married "Mergd" whose first husband was an American named James Haynes. Joseph's children were Loren (b.abt. 1837) & Josette (b.abt.1835). James Haynes (b.abt.1843) & Catherine Haynes (b.abt.1846) were living with Joseph in 1855 at Traverse des Sioux.

Montreuil / Montreville / Montre:
Obviously a great deal more research is needed to sort these family names out.