Michel Messier, sieur de Sainte-Michel (1640-1725):
Michel was involved in the fur trade from at least 1685, about the same time his son-in-law (Pierre LeSueur) was trading in the West. Michel was also connected by marriage to the Lemoyne & Hebert fur trading families. His son (see below) Rene Messier dit Duchesne was trading with the Dakota in 1731.

[Aggreement signed in Montreal]
1731 3 July- René Messier Duchesne acknowledges owing to François Monfort and Company, the sum of 2422 livres, 19 sols, 2 deniers, for the fine merchandise which he sold him for the trade with the Scioux.
[Translated from; 1731 3 juillet - René Messier Duchesne reconnaît devoir à Francois Monfort et Company, la somme de 2422 livres, 19 sols, 2 deniers, pour bonnes marchandises qu'il lui a vendues pour la traite des sauvages Scioux.]

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