Jacques Ménard dit Lafontaine:   abt.1628 - 1707
     He was the son of Jean Ménard and Anne Savinelle. Jacques married Catherine Fortier (daughter of Jean Fortier dit Forestier and Julienne Coiffé), in 1657 at Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. Their children were: , Jean Baptiste Ménard dit Bellerose (b.abt.1659), Marie Ménard (1659-1726) (married Jacques Bourdon in 1672 at Boucherville),  Jean Ménard  m(b.abt.1662), Louis Ménard dit Lafontaine (abt.1664-1742) (married Marie Anne Février in 1692 at Boucherville), Maurice Ménard (b.1664) (married Madeleine Couc-Lafleur in 1681 at Michillimakinac), Marguerite Ménard (b.abt.1667), Jeanne Ménard (b.abt.1669), Anne Ménard (b,abt.1672) (married François Brunet in 1688 at Boucherville), Catherine Ménard (b.abt. 1675), Thérèse Ménard (b.abt.1676) & Jacques Ménard (1678-1685).

Maurice Menard, dit Lafontaine: (abt.1666 - ?)
     He was the son of Jacques Menard dit Lafontaine and Catherine Fortier, born at Three Rivers on June 7, 1664. Maurice married Madeleine Couc in 1692 at Michilimackinac and they had a son, Antoine born at Michillimakinac April 28, 1695.
     He was an interpreter at Michillimakinac.

Pierre Menard
     He was one of three brothers (Pierre, Hypolite and Francis) who came to Kaskaskia from Canada.
Pierre was born in 1767 and fairly well educated. He reached Vincennes in 1794 and worked for Vigo. He went with
Vigo in 1799 to meet Washington. For a time he was a partner of Dubois in Vincennes. He spent his life in the Indian
trade - a large part of the time in official capacity. He was often elected to civil office, being the first lieutenant
governor of Ill.  In William Henry Harrison's (May 18, 1807) letter to Menard, [Col. Pierre] - Menard as the Commanding Officer of The Militia of Randolph County]. He died in Kaskaskia in 1844.